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Karen Geddis intuitive coach helping women harness intuition break through limiting beliefs get everything they want in life

3 Day Work (Energetically) Smarter Challenge

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A New Framework for Doing Life and Business

Working 'energetically' smarter, not harder means more HAVING and BEING and less DOING.
Everything is energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy. Our intuition is energy. We are energy.
One thing we haven't been taught is that our business is energy, too. It responds to our throughts and emotions and intuition in a powerful and consistent way. When we start to leverage this energy, we see big changes in every area of our life – not just our business.

Over the 3 days:

+   Connect with your Big Vision for your life and/or business from your True Power Place

+   Meet the energy of your business

+   Discover tools that you can use to access your intuition to get clear on your Next Steps for your life and/ or business (yes, you'll be able to TRUST that the info you're given is right)

+   Access and customise your very own Daily Planner that integrates DOING and BEING seamlessly to keep you in flow and on task and energised all day.

I'd love you to join me as we create for you:

More Ease & Flow

Get practical tips that you can implement immediately to feel less overwhelmed in more in the flow of things.

More Intuition

Get clear on how your intuition speaks to you and start strengthening your connection.

More Clarity

Discover ways to know what your next steps are so you can keep moving toward your vision for your life and business.