3 Simple Ways to Begin Living Intuitively Today

Living intuitively. What does that actually mean?

I don't know how to put it in words, other than it means you know and believe with all of your being that the universe has your back...and I can demonstrate it with a story (I love stories):

So I had a client meeting booked for 10.30 on Thursday morning. The client contacted me to say they couldn't make it and they'd like to move it. Okay, that happens - no big deal.

Today, I was pondering a big limiting belief that has been brewing over the past couple of weeks; ready to be released. While I've been doing the work I know how to do to move past it, it is taking longer than I want because it is a deeply rooted one from childhood (and it actually is one that my father had and his father, and who knows how many generations before).

There are times when I will recommend to a client that they get a big, deeply rooted belief like this shifted at an energetic level through kinesiology, BodyTalk or Reiki, because we could spend weeks working on it (using up precious time in our 12 weeks together that we could be using to keep moving forward rapidly)

Anyway, I was nudged very strongly by my intuition to get in touch with my Kinesiologist NOW. I texted her to say my usual, 'I've had the nudge, so as soon as you have a cancellation, book me in.'

I received a text straight back from her, saying: 'I was literally holding my phone in my hand checking the messages in between clients when your text came through and made me jump!'

Well, there you go...that got her attention. This belief is SO ready to move on!

She checked her diary. Yep. A cancellation for...wait for it...10am on Thursday.

I wouldn't been able to make it then if my client hadn't moved our session. I may have had to wait until next week for another appointment - and I'm impatient to get this belief shifted NOW!

This is how the universe conspires to give you what you want and to line things up for your best outcome. I need this belief shifted to move forward. And I want it shifted ASAP. Boom. Thursday at 10am I'll be saying, 'Sayonara!' to that bad boy for good.

Living intuitively is, to me, the only way to live. It has made EVERY difference in how I run my business, how I parent my children, my relationship with my husband, my relationship with myself.

Try these 3 Simple Ways to start living intuitively now:

There is no other way to say this, except: the universe DOES have your back. Every. Single. Minute. Of every single day. Knowing that is something that comes with practice. Pay attention to when things work out after you've listened to or followed your intuition. The more you start to believe that things are working out, the more your mind will accept that the universe has your back, and soon you will have no choice but to KNOW that this is true.

Get into the habit of writing down in a journal every time that listening to your intuition has paid off. Be sure to really get into the feeling of thankfulness/gratitude for these times.

Feeling good is a vibration, or frequency, that matches with where your intuition hangs out. Do something every day to feel good; something that you can come back to in your mind whenever you need a pick-me-up.

For example:

  • Stroking your cat and immersing yourself in the appreciation of hearing it purr in satisfaction. How good does that feel?
  • Walking out in nature and enjoying the beauty and the sounds all around you.
  • Listening to music that lifts you up.

Do you have any stories to share about how living intuitively has impacted your life? Do you have any specific things others might like to use to get feeling good? Share them in the comments below.

Karen x

If you are serious about how to live more intuitively to move past stuckness, unfulfilment, procrastination or overwhelm, then set aside 30 minutes to connect with me to find out whether we are a good fit for working together to get you want you want/connected to your purpose/feeling happier.

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I like your work Karen
Maggie x

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Thank you Karen.

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