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3 Things You Can Do To Start Tapping into Your Intuition Today

We can get so caught up in the overwhelm that goes with feeling responsible for the well-being of everyone around us; for our business commitments, our relationships, our children.

When we’re standing in that space we can lose sight of the fact that we access to this powerful guidance that comes from God, the universe, an all-knowing part of ourselves (whatever you choose to identify with).

Before I share with you 3 ways to connect with your intuition and put that guidance to work so that you can add more flow and less stress to your life and business, let me tell you how I came to life my life more intuitively:

I have 3 beautiful daughters – aged 13, 12 and 9 at the time of writing this – and I’ve always wanted to be the best example to my girls of a woman who knows her power and who believes in who she is and the gifts she came into this world with.

It wasn’t always that easy though.

  • I really struggled with motherhood in the early days
  • I battled with self-doubt and self-judgement; and questioning the way I felt I’d like to parent (which was different to everyone else);
  • I beat myself up every time I didn’t handle a situation in the way my high standards dictated I ‘should’.

I was so disconnected from myself and my intuition that I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

It was my husband who was the catalyst for nudging me to start connecting with my intuition.

He’d come home from work to hear me say:

‘I KNEW I should have done x’ or ‘I had a FEELING that y was going to end up like this’, and things to that effect.

He would say to me, ‘When are you going to start LISTENING to that guidance?’

So I did.

Little by little I got to know how that guidance showed up for me, and I started to pay attention to it.

Eventually, we were like best friends. You know those friends who finish your sentences for you; who you feel so comfortable with that you just flow?

  • My decision-making became easier;
  • I could intuit what was really going on with my children when they were throwing a tantrum;
  • I was able to tell which clients were going to be difficult and which were the ones I’d have the best outcomes with;
  • I knew when to avoid sticky situations.

The more I focused on being connected, the better things got.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t live in a constant state of bliss and intuitiveness. I don’t live in one of those Disney movies where birds and wildlife prance around my feet and help out with the housework!

I live in the real world, and things do push my buttons. And when my buttons are pushed, or fears arise, I notice my connection drop out.

I’d love to share with you 3 simple techniques I use to re-connect to my intuition.

You can use these same 3 techniques to start tapping into your own intuition.


Intention is a powerful thing. I find I can really make things happen when I make a statement that I intend to do something.

Some of my favourite statements are:

• I intend to be open to hearing my intuition now.
• I intend to recognize my guidance in every decision I face today.
• I intend to notice when I have followed my guidance and to celebrate that.

My Action Tip: Every time I get a sensation that may be an intuitive hit I STOP and focus my awareness on it. Sometimes I even ask, ‘Is this my intuition?’ The first thought that comes into my mind is the answer (it’s usually ‘yes’).


I ask myself, “What am I feeling right now? Am I frustrated with something that hasn’t worked? Am I doubting myself?”

These are all feeling places that are nowhere near where our intuition lives.

Our intuition resides somewhere upwards of hope (optimism, eagerness, happiness, joy).

My Action Tip: I spend as little as 2 minutes focusing on something that evokes one of the higher vibrating emotions for me. It may be remembering a moment that excited me in the past, or dreaming things I’d love to do.


Finding the feeling place of gratitude or appreciation is very helpful when connecting with your intuition.

Again, this is about spending time in a feeling place where our intuition hangs out.

My Action Tip: I get out my journal, pick a subject or person that you find easy to think positive things about and start to list out what I appreciate about it or him/her.

The key to making this powerful is to FULLY FEEL the appreciation while I write my list.

Whilst I find writing is the best way to focus my energy, I also make lists of things I appreciate in my head as I go about my business, or if I’m driving to meetings or hanging out the washing.

I love to use the alphabet as a prompt, so I’ll think of something I appreciate, starting with the letter A and really feeling it as I move on to subsequent letters.

If I really want to bask in the feeling, I’ll think about why I have chosen that particular thing to appreciate.

To summarise:


What do you do to stay connected? Let me know in the comments below.

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Marie - December 19, 2017

Thanks for the reminder Karen. So often we get so caught up in our ‘busy’ lives that we forget to make it easier for ourselves by tuning back in.

Karen - March 11, 2018

So true, Marie! Intuition is such a powerful thing to have in our lives…

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