4 No-Brainer Things To Do To Start Making Decisions Intuitively

“Even when we’re not at a fork in the road, wondering what to do and trying to hear that inner voice, our intuition is always there, always reading the situation, always trying to steer us the right way” – Arianna Huffington

Everyone is intuitive, and our intuition is there all the time.

It’s not something that floats around in the ethers and then pops in selectively.

It’s also not something that’s reserved for those ‘select few’ who are lucky enough to hear it.

We ARE our intuition.

How I explain intuition to others is this:

Everything we want is out there in the universe.

And the universe has our back.

Its sole purpose is to give us what we put our attention on. It can orchestrate miraculous outcomes for us, and it also can bring us the things we’re constantly pushing against.

It’s job is to respond to what we ‘put out there’ and to deliver that to us.

The universe knows exactly where need to go in order to get what we want, and it is constantly streaming information to us about which path to take, or who to speak to, or which steps to take next.

This information is out there ALL THE TIME. It never goes away, and we interpret it in our own unique way. This is what our intuition is – how we INTERPRET that constant energetic information being streamed to us from the universe.

There are 5 main ways in which we interpret this information. In other words, how our intuition speaks to us, which you can read more about HERE.

We’ve all had experiences of the nudges to ring someone, or to visit somewhere, or to buy something that didn’t make logical sense at the time.

So how do we get the things we want without waiting for the nudges to come?

How do we access that information when we are faced with decisions – that fork in the road – and we don’t know which direction to take?

This is where our intuition comes in.

Just as we have to tune a radio dial to get a clear broadcast from the station we want to listen to, we have to do the same when it comes to accessing our intuition when we want clarity on a decision.

The information our intuition is interpreting has a high frequency which is akin to love, joy, peace, happiness and other uplifting emotions. So, in other words, this is where our intuition hangs out.

Here are 4 no-brainer things to do to make decisions intuitively by tapping into the same frequency as our intuition:


#1 If it’s not a Hell Yes, then hesitate

The only time you every need to take immediate action when you’re deciding on something is when it is a Hell Yes! A Hell Yes! usually comes when we are in a place where we’re eagerly contemplating our decision.

It feels like all your bells are ringing and there is an energy surge in your body that feels like excitement, eagerness…well, like a Hell Yes!

If you’re getting anything other than a Hell Yes! then take your time to feel around for what your intuition is telling you. A No feels off. The energy feels kinda flat and the tone of it is low.

A Hell No! feels like a definite No; like you would really have to push through the energy to take that path.

Sometimes the feeling is a Yes, but not a Hell Yes! You are also good to go on that if you are able to trust that your intuition is always right and surrender to the outcome.

I interpret the Yes as a, ‘It doesn’t matter if you take this path or not; you’re still going in the right direction.’ The Hell Yes! is a, ‘You’re 100% heading toward your desired outcome/dream/vision’.


#2 Get into Nature

Nature is the best way to connect with that unlimited universal energy that we’re surrounded by. Taking a walk in a forest or on a nature trail is a great way to immerse ourselves in it. There are bird sounds, there are tree sounds (like leaves blowing in the wind or bark creaking), and sometimes there are creek sounds to take our focus off our thoughts and allow our intuition to speak to us.

What I notice is that while I’m enjoying these sights and sounds, I’ll have a flash of an idea that indicates the action I need to take. Sometimes, if I find a place to sit, I’ll ask the question, ‘Is this decision going to take me in the right direction?’ or, ‘Should I do x?’, so I can listen for a Yes or No.


#3 Practice Appreciating Every Chance You Get

Appreciation is like a higher form of Gratitude. It takes Gratitude to the next level, I believe. To focus on the beauty of something and how it makes us feel takes us to a feeling place that is similar to that pure feeling of love.

When we start to look out for them, there are so many things to appreciate: the warm water on our skin when we shower, the smell of good coffee at our favourite cafe, the colour of the roses in our neighbour’s garden, the glow of a salt lamp.

The key to leveraging the power of appreciation is to really get into the feeling of it; how those things that we appreciate make us feel.

From that place we can notice any nudges that our intuition sends us, or again, ask our questions.


#4 Breathe

One of the things that has made the biggest impact on my connection to my intuition is taking deep belly breaths throughout my days – any time I think of it, I take a deep breath and feel my rib cage expand and then my belly push out as the air fills me up.

To get that deep breath started, I sometimes begin by pushing all the air out of my lungs first, and then I naturally take a big inhale.

The power of this breathing is that while we are focused on filling ourselves up with air – even for that second – we have taken our attention away from our thoughts.

If we do it three times in a row, we are relaxed and ‘distracted’ enough for that guidance to flow to us. I take three belly breaths, then ask, and listen.


Consistent practice of these 4 no-brainer things to do to start making decisions intuitively will have you solidifying your connection to your intuition in a very short time because that information is never going anywhere – it’s constantly being streamed – and it’s only our inconsistent vibration that allows the connection to drop out.

The good news is: the above practices can each get you tuned back into the frequency of your vibration anytime. Just pick one and go.

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