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5 Clear Ways Your Intuition Speaks to You

Everyone is intuitive. Everyone.

I used to think that intuition was reserved for special, ‘psychic’ or ‘spiritual’ people.

What I’ve come to know is that it is there all the time and is a powerful way for us to get information from the universe about the best path to take to get us to where we want to go or what we want to manifest in our lives. You can ready more about living more intuitively in my article: 3 Simple Ways to Begin Living Intuitively.

I love knowing we have access to that guidance 24/7; that the universe truly does have our back.

When we identify how our intuition speaks to us (it’s an individual thing), we can start to make better decisions and watch our life unfold in ways we never imagined.

There are 5 main ways our intuition can speak to us:

We SEE things

We HEAR things

We FEEL things

We KNOW things

We SMELL or TASTE things

We all have a combination of the above, but you will most likely find that one of them is dominant.


  1. SEEING things means you get your information in the form of visions or pictures.

Sometimes the visions or pictures are symbolic; other times they can be straight forward and easy to decipher.

Some people experience their clairvoyance as daydream-like or in colours. Others see a picture or have a kind of visual memory.

How to tell if you use clairvoyance to connect with your intuition: You are more than likely a visual learner. When you think of an outcome or a solution, you ‘see’ it in your mind.


  1. HEARING things means you get your intuitive information in the form of sounds or voices.

Some people hear clear voices (sometimes as though there were someone in the room talking with them).  For most people the voice is a mental one. Clairaudient people often talk of that ‘little voice inside’.

How to tell if you’re using clairvoyance to connect to your intuition:  You are more than likely an auditory learner. When you think of an outcome or a solution, you ‘hear’ it in your mind.


  1. FEELING things means your intuitive information comes in the form of physical sensations or emotions – sometimes both.

Clairaudient information almost always comes with a physical sensation in the body.

How to tell if you’re using clairsentience to connect to your intuition:  You are more than likely a kinesthetic learner. When you think of an outcome or a solution you get a ‘gut feeling’. You may feel someone else’s pain in your body or feel the emotions they are experiencing.


  1. KNOWING things means exactly that: literally is knowing something but just knowing it. A lot of the time you may not know where the information has come from.

How to tell if you’re getting your intuitive messages claircognizantly: Information may just randomly pop into your head. You can’t explain the answers to questions – you just know them.


  1. SMELLING/TASTING things means you interpret your intuitive information by smelling a fragrance or odor of someone, or something. You might have a sensation of a taste in your mouth. The smells are not actually smelled with your physical nose; they are perceived as smells. The same goes for taste.


We are constantly being streamed information about the right path to take or the best person to help us in any given moment, and that all we have to do is LISTEN and pay attention to how we experience that information.

What is the dominant way your intuition speaks to you? I’m mainly claircognizant with a bit of clairaudience (I hear a word in my mind) and clairsentience thrown in (I get goosebumps as my confirmation- usually after I get the ‘knowing’ and I ask if the information I’m getting is the right one to take action on).

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