7 Potent Practices to Set Yourself Up For Wealth

In his book, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’, Wallace D. Wattles suggests that wealth is our birthright.

“Man’s right to life means his right to have the free and unrestricted use of all the things which may be necessary to his fullest mental, spiritual, and physical unfoldment; or, in other words, his right to be rich.” he says.

In other words, we are meant to live a life that feels fulfilling, joyful, effortless.

Now, because the universe brings us what we are focusing our thoughts on, it makes sense, really, that if our thoughts are on the fact that we are short of money, or that we don’t deserve wealth, then the universe will deliver a shortage of money to us.

If you are finding that your wealth is eluding you, you may be too focused on lack (without even realising you’re doing it).

Here are 7 potent practices that can turn your life from one of lack to one of wealth (whatever that means to you: money, vibrant health, living with purpose, having effortless and loving relationships).


Practice Number 1: Spread The Wealth

The universe thrives on the flow and circulation of energy – what you put out you’ll get back, and there are ways in which you can do this without losing anything yourself.

For example:

  • Send flowers, leave a gift or note for a neighbour, call someone to tell them you appreciate them, buy a snack for the cashier at the supermarket, or pay for someone’s coffee.
  • Give of your time in a volunteer role, or at your child’s school in the classroom.

Behave with the intention that you are spreading you love around in what ever ways you feel called to; knowing that you are circulating the flow of wealth.

The key to this potent practice is to want for others what you want for yourself. If you’d love to receive flowers, send some to someone else.


Practice Number 2: Create A Wealthy Vibrational Environment For Yourself

Connect with the vibration (the feeling) that expresses your wealthy self, and begin behaving in the way your wealthy self would behave.

You don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money, but do get yourself into the feeling place of how your wealthy self would be living while your wealth makes its way to you.

Spend as much time as you can in this wealthy vibrational environment so that all the cells of your body start to adopt your wealthy attitude.

Try this exercise:

Write down in your journal or in a notebook the answers to the following questions:

  • How does ‘wealthy you’ interact with others?
  • What does your ‘wealthy you’ daily practice look like?
  • How does ‘wealthy you’ dress?
  • How does ‘wealthy you’ feel throughout the day?
  • How does ‘wealthy you’ speak to themselves?

Now, go out and practice this way of being as you go about your days.


Practice Number 3 – Cultivate Some Powerful Mantras to Shift How You See Your Life

Repeating mantras have been shown to change the way we experience our lives. They combine intention (powerful manifesting energy) with affirming statements which can shift things at a deep level.

Try these mantras on for size:

  • ‘Everything is always working out for me’,
  • ‘I always get everything that I want’,
  • ‘Abundance flows freely to me and I see evidence of that in my finances every day’, and
  • ‘Wealth is my birthright and live with that knowing daily’.


Practice Number 4 – Lock in evidence to rewire your brain for wealth

Our brains thrive on evidence. All those times we’re telling stories of lack (because when we look around we feel like we’re struggling with money), we’re actually locking in evidence.

When we decide to embark on our journey to wealth, our mind can interfere by contradicting what we want to believe. It can throw us into self-doubt or insecurity about whether we can indeed attract everything we want. This is because it hasn’t seen evidence of another way of being.

So when you have been implementing these potent practices into your life and you start to see your abundance show up, you want to start locking in that evidence.

How to lock in your evidence:

Keep an evidence journal or notebook where you can record all the times someone gave you money, or bought something for you or paid for your lunch. You may have attracted more clients into your business or you may have experienced a financial windfall or a raise at work.


Practice Number 5 – Count Your Blessings

The practice of gratitude will never get old. It is the pathway to your wealth because it brings you into alignment with the vibration of the universe and all your wealth that awaits you.

The universe is orchestrating the delivery of everything you’ve asked for. You just have to match its vibration in order to have it show up in your reality. And the vibration is very close to that of gratitude.

By expressing your thankfulness for everything you have in your life right now means that more of what you’ve asked for can make its way to you.

Try this:

As soon as you wake every morning start out by declaring ONE thing you are thankful for. Spend time in the FEELING of how why you’re thankful for this one thing. Don’t rush this process. The longer you can stay in the feeling, the closer you bring yourself into alignment with your wealth.

Supercharge your gratitude practice by adding ‘Thank You’ every time you receive something…and every time you give something. Be thankful that you have this thing to give.


Practice Number 6 – Write Your New Wealth Story And Read It Often

Most of us tell stories of lack – more often than not without even realising it. We talk about how we are struggling to pay the bills, or we share with others how we don’t have the money for this and the money for that. We focus on what’s going on right now and not how we want it to be.

The universe is responding to what we’re putting out there. It’s one job is to bring us what we think about. Thinking about and talking about not having money keeps us in the state of not having money.

A powerful shift happens when we choose to write down what we want as if it is already here.

Here’s what you could do:

  1. Write down what you want your wealthy life to look like. Be as detailed as you like. Really get into the feeling of what living this wealthy life is like for you.
  2. Write a letter to the universe thanking it for your wealthy life (as if it’s happened).
  3. Spend time often reading your letter to the universe and your list of what your wealthy life looks like. Feel that feeling of gratitude for having had all of this delivered to you.


Practice Number 7 – Implement the ‘Know Allow ReceiveTM‘ Formula for Effortlessly Manifesting Everything You Want

Creating wealth is less about ‘making sh*t happen’ than it is about ‘calling everything to you’.

There are 3 simple steps to the ‘Know Allow ReceiveTM‘ Formula

S T E P 1 : K N O W

Know that getting everything you want is your birthright and that the universe is conspiring to bring you EVERYTHING you’ve been asking for.

Repeat mantras that keep you in this mindset, like: ‘The universe has my back and is bringing me everything I ask for,’ or ‘Abundance is all around me and the more I notice it, the more it flows to me.’

S T E P 2 : A L L O W

Get out of your own way and ALLOW everything to come to you. Do this by:

Cultivating a vibration of appreciation as often as you can, and practicing the Heart-Brain Coherence Technique*

S T E P 3 : R E C E I V E

As what you’ve asked for starts showing up, RECEIVE it with all the deservedness you can by celebrating its arrival and locking in evidence to rewire your brain for more effortless manifesting!

*Learn more about heart-brain coherence at the HeartMath Institute

Put these potent practices in place and you’re well on your way to your wealth! Take it easy and remember that by asking where your wealth is or talking about how long it’s taking to come to you you’re keeping it away from you.

If you find you’re feeling despondent, go back over these practices and choose one to implement for a week, or until it feels like a new habit.

Setting yourself up for wealth means changing a lifetime of beliefs and stories. It can take time, but with consistent practice you WILL get there.


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Nicole Carter - December 21, 2017

Thank you so much for this amazing article Karen. I absolutely loved it. This was so very helpful and is an amazing way to look at things and to change our ways of thinking and believing.
A Big Thank you once again.
Sending lots of love.

Karen - March 11, 2018

So glad you loved it, Nicole!

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