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FREE 5 Day Event via Email and Facebook Live with Karen Geddis

Starts Monday 7th August
(you'll get an email first thing in the morning, then catch the live training at 12.30pm Sydney/Brisbane & 2.30pm NZ on Facebook)

Sunday 6th August in the US
(catch the live training at 7.30pm PST, 9.30pm CST, 10.30pm EST on Facebook)

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With this FREE 5 day event you'll get

Daily Email Training In Simple, Actionable Format

Everyday I'll pop-up in your inbox to give you short, simple, actionable ways to strengthen your intuition so you can make the right decisions and take confident action toward your dream life & business.
I'll also give you some workbooks and tips along the way!

Daily Live Facebook Training and Support

In addition to daily email training - you'll also be invited to join me every day on Facebook for extra training to dive deeper into communing with your higher guidance and get you confidently trusting your intuition so that you can manifest the life and business of your dreams!
Get all the A's to your Q's!

Use Your Intuition to Manifest Your Dream Life & Biz

Stop doubting your intuition and start putting it to work to bring you more self-confidence, clarity, time and money!
The only thing keeping you stuck is YOU, and your intuition is there to help you get clear on what you need to create a life and business that lights you up!