Alignment: Why It’s Critical For Ending Self-Doubt, Overcoming Anxiety and Living Our Most Magnificent Life

Being aligned with what you are here to do, what you want to create for yourself, who you’re hanging out with on a daily basis is CRUCIAL to you getting everything you want in life.

So what does ALIGNMENT actually mean?

Being in alignment isn’t a linear process. Being a match to your path in life, to your desires, to everything you’re creating, isn’t necessarily a straight line…because the universe doesn’t work in step-by-step linear fashion. It works in this divinely, beautifully orchestrated ‘perfect timing’ kind of way.

It doesn’t drop things to you in a logical sequence.

Let me explain what alignment means to me:


Who You Truly Are is not the person in the physical body. Who You Truly Are is this vast energy being that is connected as ONE with the universe, God, everything, really. This is a tough one to get our head around, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it for now.

Just know that everything is energy; including you.

This energetic you is the part of you that knows why you’re here, what your intentions for this lifetime were, what’s the best course of action to take to get you there (it knows in the moment what the next step is…because, remember, there is no linear process).

So when you hear people say, ‘The answers lie within you’ or ‘You have all the answers inside of you’, that’s what they mean. This energetic part of you knows.

This is what I call your KNOWING (deeper than mainstream intuition). Your knowing knows. Your guidance is the ONLY thing that knows 100% for sure what’s right for you; that’s 100% accurate.

Nobody outside of you can guide you to where you’re meant to be going.

And in order for you to be in the space where your knowing hangs out – where you’re ONE with your guidance – you need to be in alignment with YOU.

In other words, coming out of your Ego and connecting to the truth of Who You Are is ALIGNMENT.

In order for you to live your most magnificent life,

in order for you to have all that confidence that you want,

in order to have all that inner peace that you’re looking for,

in order for you to have all the clarity you seek on what your next steps should be, or where you should be going, or how you should be doing it

you need to be in alignment.

So, alignment is about being ONE with this energy part of you.

It’s about being fully connected to Who You Truly Are – Ego aside, social programming aside, other people’s opinions aside.


Try this exercise to get a feel for Who You Truly Are.

It’s called the Heart Brain Co-herence Technique, and you’ll find instructions and more information at HeartMath Institute.

These simple instructions are borrowed from Dr Joe Dispenza and his book, Becoming Supernatural:

” 1.  Anchor your attention: With your eyes closed, start by resting your attention in the space in the center of your chest in space. Where you place your attention is where you place your energy. By doing this, you’re acknowledging your connection to the unified field. Keep your awareness there for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Breath: As you rest your attention in the center of your chest in space, allow your breath to flow in and flow out through this center. Stay present with each breath. Allow your breath to be slower, deeper, and more relaxed. Work with your body so that it knows it is safe to breathe. If your mind wanders, return your attention back to this process. Do this about 2 to 3 minutes.

3. Feel: Next, while you rest your attention in your fourth center, let yourself bring up an elevated emotion like kindness, care, appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness. Let yourself feel these elevated emotions while continuing to breathe in and out of your heart center. Do this for about 3 to 4 minutes while sustaining that elevated state.

4. Radiate: Once you feel these elevated emotions with your heart, radiate that energy out beyond your body in space. Become aware that this energy is within you and all around you and simply feel it. Tune in to this energy with your heart.

5. Marry that energy with an intention: For example, you can radiate the thought or intention that your body is healed, your day is filled with synchronicities, or your new future moves closer to you. Continue to broadcast that energy and intention all around you.

6. Finally, slowly bring your awareness back to a new body, to a new environment, and to a whole new time. Then you can open your eyes and come back to the world of the senses in this space and time.”


Did you notice how GOOD you felt during this exercise? THAT is Who You Truly Are. It’s a FEELING, nothing else.

What you’re actually reaching for with this concept of aligning with Who You Are is the FEELING.

Remember I said that everything is energy? Well, feelings are energy.

Let’s look at what RESONANCE and DISSONANCE have to do with all of this.

So, we know we’re looking for a FEELING and the feeling has to feel really good – not ‘bouncing off the walls’ good; just good.

That feeling is RESONANT with your truth and your knowing. You are way more open and receptive to your guidance when you are in this space.

The connection is open and your guidance can be heard and you are in the absolute best place where all your answers and direction are accessible.

When a feeling feels ‘off’ it’s because it’s DISSONANT with your truth and with your knowing – in other words, you’re out of alignment. Make sense?

So we don’t want to take action when something is ‘off’.

We want to find a way to come back into alignment with ourselves so that we can know that we’re in the best place to take the right action, speak the most powerful words, make the best decision.

In other words, you can tell by how you feel whether you are in alignment or not?


Here’s the simple way to check if you’re in alignment with your guidance:

Ask yourself, ‘How do I feel in this NOW moment?’

Do I feel resonant, do I feel comfortable in my skin, do I feel good?

Or do I feel contracted, do I feel anxious, do I feel apprehensive, do I feel uncertain?

If you feel ‘off’, you’re out of alignment. Every. Single. Time.

The solution:

Get yourself feeling better STAT!

If you have time to do a meditation (and that’s your thing) then do that, if you want to do the Heart-Brain Coherence Technique, then go for it.

You can make it even easier and find something you appreciate.

Do this enough in every moment that you remember and you will feel your life start to transform.


Start by straightening up your spine – whether you’re sitting or standing. Now, take a couple of deep breaths. Feel the breath right down into your stomach on the in-breath, pushing it out. On the out-breath push all the air out of your lungs. This will ‘force’ you to inhale deeply on the next in-breath.

Now, say out loud or in your head (or, write down), ‘Things I love…’

Start listing anything that comes to you off the top of your head. It may be slow to start, but once you start to feel better and the energy picks up momentum you will find more and more things to add to your list.


I love fresh flowers; I love the smell of roses

I love the smell of freshly roasted coffee

I love my new dress

I love listening to songs that give me goose bumps

I love meeting up with my best friend to talk and laugh together

There is no right or wrong – it’s all about the FEELING. You just want to feel better ASAP.

Let me know in the comments whether this resonates. I’d love to hear about how alignment feels to you.


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Nicole - March 30, 2020

Thank you for this! Your words have refreshed me and brought me back to a serene place I’ve been before, a place I’ve been missing. A couple years ago or so I delved into a world of self awareness that overtook me in every moment, in every way. I became fascinated with this elevated consciousness and needed to learn more, whenever possible. I felt myself transforming as I dove deeper into this journey and saw synchronicities spotting my every day, like I was playing a game of connect the dots. I found this absolutely beautiful, and I knew the Universe was showing me the layers of magic that can be accessed with this level of awareness and connectedness. As I saw moments in my life align so intricately and profoundly, I began to understand that it wasn’t just external; the alignment was feedback, coming from something more, and eventually I learned it was coming from myself. I began reading Esther Hicks book, “Ask and It Is Given” and finally felt like my life language was understood and there were others out there who FELT this powerful, connected, euphoric, aligned feeling too and it was exciting. Everything felt so rich and colorful, it felt like what being “alive” is meant to feel like as I’d always dreamt it to. In the past two or so years, I’ve had a lot of life changes — many which triggered deep anxiety, even though most of the changes were actually GOOD, just different, and I was learning how to adapt to them. Although I had the knowledge and the conscious experience of alignment, I felt more dissonance, as you speak of, than resonance due to heightened anxiety from sudden external changes in my life and a negative outlook on myself for feeling so anxious. Of course I would waver in and out of alignment daily, but I’ve been lacking the deep connectedness and that all encompassing GOOD energy feeling that I’ve felt before. I’ve known what I need to do to get back into practice but I have not fully gone there for some reason. Your post TRULY inspired me — as I read, I could feel myself coming into alignment as your words resonated so powerfully!!! It really is amazing when one feels this connection to the Self, the Universe — as it is one — and accesses the guidance that has always Been, and will always Be. Thank you so much for sharing with the world!! I appreciate it very very much.

Karen - June 1, 2020

I’m thrilled that this spoke to you so deeply, Nicole! I very much enjoyed reading your share. Look out for my book due out from July 2020. I think you’ll love it. You can register for updates here:

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