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5 Clear Ways Your Intuition Speaks to You

Everyone is intuitive. Everyone. I used to think that intuition was reserved for special, ‘psychic’ or ‘spiritual’ people. What I’ve come to know is that it is there all the time and is a powerful way for us to get information from the universe about the best path to take to get us to where […]

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I decided to just surrender

What does the word, ‘SURRENDER’ mean to you? I never truly understood what it meant until recently when I had a breakthrough moment. Some definitions imply that there is weakness or ‘quitting’ involved when we choose to surrender something, which I guess is why most of us don’t do it. I have been feeling unsettled […]

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5 Must-Read Money Consciousness Books To Create More Wealth In Your Life

Wealth consciousness is knowing there is enough money out there for everyone – for you, for your clients, for your so-called ‘competition’ (and there’s no such thing as competition in a wealth conscious mindset – but that’s a topic of its own). Everyone has a Money Story (or 10!). Some of those stories come from […]

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