Alignment: Why It’s Critical For Ending Self-Doubt, Overcoming Anxiety and Living Our Most Magnificent Life

Being aligned with what you are here to do, what you want to create for yourself, who you’re hanging out with on a daily basis is CRUCIAL to you getting everything you want in life. So what does ALIGNMENT actually mean? Being in alignment isn’t a linear process. Being a match to your path in life, to […]

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How We Can Let Go of Some of Our Everyday Thoughts Without Having To Leave Our Comfort Zone

Mindset work is not actually deep work, did you know? Your issue can be deep, but contrary to popular belief the work to release it isn’t deep at all…and it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable when you’re releasing and letting it go. How is that possible? Well, when you know what to look for, you […]

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The Totally Selfish Way to People-Please That Doesn’t Poison You…or put the other person out.

People-pleasing is another of those qualities almost everyone is trying to lose, am I right? And one thing we can say without needing much proof is that people-pleasing poisons us. It poisons us because when we are operating from a place of needing to please others we get caught, more often than not, between two […]

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