Clear Your Blocks To Receiving In 4 Simple Steps

One of the questions clients most often ask me is, ‘Why is it that other people seem to be getting results (usually a good income and consistent clients) in their business and I’m not? I feel like I’m constantly putting myself out there and taking the appropriate action, but no-one takes me up on my offers.’

Here’s the most common reason:  Those other people don’t have a problem with RECEIVING.

Blocks to receiving are usually tied in with how much you believe you deserve to be given or to earn or to have.

You may have come from a line of women (or men) who played small and just never felt they deserved or were entitled to anything more.

You may have had an incident in your childhood where you were told you didn’t deserve much, and you decided that was true for you.

Of course, it’s individual to everyone, and when I work with someone on this issue I intuitively tune into what their specific story is.

One of my clients became angry when they heard where their story had come from:

‘I’m so sick of hearing this,’ she said (it was a theme that had been coming up for her a lot).

‘I have felt this all my life, with a mother who had such a low threshold for receiving money, and a father who didn’t belief in himself so he never amounted to anything. UGH!’

‘How do I shift this once and for all?’ she asked.

There are 4 simple, actionable steps you can take to start receiving everything your ask for:



STEP 1:  Acknowledge that this is not your stuff – those are merely stories believed by someone else that you just happened to pick up because you hung around that someone for a long time.

Say to yourself out loud: ‘This is NOT my stuff. I can choose what I want to believe, and I choose to believe in my ability to receive everything I ask for.’

STEP 2:  Start creating your own path to receiving by asking the universe to show you how easily what you ask for can be delivered to you:

  • Start small.
  • Pick something that’s easy to believe…like feathers, or yellow flowers, or a certain bird.
  • Ask the universe to send you these signs of how abundant you are.

STEP 3:  Declare that you are open to receiving everything you ask for, and when you see the signs, affirm how easily and effortlessly these signs come to you.

Add this to your gratitude practice. Celebrate every time you receive a sign.

STEP 4:  Start creating new neural pathways in your brain by repeating how easily and effortlessly you receive from the universe.

Repeat affirmations (that you believe) to yourself as often as you can:

‘I just have to keep reminding myself of how good I am at receiving and I’ll get better and better at it.’

‘It is so easy for me to receive what I’ve asked for because I am being shown evidence of what I’ve asked for everywhere.’

‘I am so good at getting what I want.’


This is the practice. It is as simple as that.

Practice this OFTEN. And every time you experience a shift in how much you are receiving, lock in that evidence!

Remember, it’s only because you’ve been practicing the old story for a lifetime that things are playing out in this way.

There is nothing that cannot be changed!


Karen x

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