Eliminate Self-Doubt & ​Claim Your Easy Life

​​An interactive, practical and ​​deeply activating class with Karen Geddis

The ​Eliminate Self-Doubt & Claim Your Easy Life ​FREE ​​​​90 Minute Interactive Event takes place on ​​​​Monday 1​8th January at 2019 at ​6pm Brisbane / ​7pm Sydney / ​9pm NZ


"If you can rid yourself of worry,
you'll rid yourself of things to worry about.
​You'll get to the point where you'll wonder why you were worried about anything, ever."

If you're at the point in your life where you KNOW that you have to do something to stop your self-doubt and second-guessing because they are REALLY getting in the way of you having that life of happiness, success, freedom and abundance you can see everyone else living, then this is the simple 3 Step Strategy you'll be discovering and getting to practice in ​this session is perfect for you!

​'How can you expect others to believe in you when you doubt yourself?
How can you expect others to support you when you don't have the confidence to back yourself?'

Those were the words my husband said to me when he'd had enough of my to-ing and fro-ing over ever decision I had to make. 

​If you are constantly second-guessing yourself, over-analysing every decision you make, finding ways to avoid doing the things you dream of doing because you have a voice inside you that tells you you'll fail or you won't be good enough at it to even give it a go, then you're going to get HUGE value from our ​​75 min deep dive together.

1.  Learn ​what's REALLY causing your self-doubt, and the ONE ​thing that nobody's sharing that TOTALLY eliminates it.

​2.   Understand the missing piece your fear of failure is pointing to and how to eradicate that fear without having to 'face it', 'push through it' or ​dig up the past to find it.

3.  ​Take away a simple 3 Step Strategy that is proven to ​​​create confidence, a deeper connection to yourself ​​and no more worrying what others think of you.
4. Get an exclusive invite to join The Immersion ... with generous ​gifts valued at ​over $​​​500​.
5. Ask your questions from the session LIVE with Karen at the end and get some powerful clarity and coaching, with my compliments.

This is an interactive, practical class, so we'll be doing a lot of activating and connecting with that deeper part of you that is your TRUE self.

Presented by Karen Geddis

Karen Geddis is the founder of the ​Work (Energetically) SmarterTM Method and the Know, Allow, ReceiveTM Formula, and has helped women and men from all walks of life, all over the world ​let go of self-doubt, live their life unapologetically, and connect to their deepest inner knowing.

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