Do We Have Our Daily Rituals All Wrong?

In the first group coaching call for my Work (energetically) Smarter Mastermind something really interesting came up...
Week 1 is about setting the foundations for raising our vibration with a Daily Ritual in order to start honing our intuitive guidance.
Because our intuition lives in the higher vibrating emotions like appreciation, love, optimism, enthusiasm, our practice really is to get ourselves feeling good consistently so that it doesn't pop in randomly or out of the blue and we can used it fully to get clear on what our next steps should be, or what direction we need to be going in, or to make better decisions that save us time and money.
As one of my clients said, 'I wish my intuition was on tap 24/7'. And that is totally possible!
So back to the coaching call...
We talked about the fact that we are all busy. Most of us are mums who run our own businesses and even when we have the best intention to start ourselves on a Daily Ritual stuff happens and we sometimes can't block out a big chunk of time at the beginning of the day.
Someone asked, 'Is it okay to spread your Daily Ritual out throughout your day?'
The guidance that came through was that it is ALL ABOUT MOMENTUM. Start your day right and then keep the momentum going. According to Abraham-Hicks, '68 seconds of focused, pleasurable visualization is stronger than hours of working to obtain a goal'.
That works for me, because I'm all about simple, actionable, time-saving and RESULTS-GETTING processes.
I still maintain that the most important way to start the day is with GRATITUDE, no matter what, because getting into the feeling place of thankfulness is the quickest way to lift your energy.
So how I do it is every morning when I wake up; as I slip into consciousness and before I open my eyes, I start to make a list of things I'm thankful for and really get into the FEELING PLACE of why I'm thankful for these things. I hold that for 68 seconds – at least!
If you keep a gratitude journal next to your bed, then do your thing. Remember to get into the FEELING PLACE while you're doing it.
That's the most important piece to start the day off right.
After that, you want to schedule time in throughout your day to add your other pieces of your morning ritual.
This could actually be even more beneficial to you because, if we started out our day on a high (and, yes, we're setting the tone for the day by having a ritual) and then spend the rest of the day in our heads and in stress, then we're undoing everything we setup when we started our day.
Now, if we kept weaving 'being' activities throughout our 'doing' all day, we would keep our vibration consistent, and A BONUS: we'd be more likely to hear our intuition more often.
How good is that??
Have a beautiful day,
Karen x

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