3 Effortless Ways To Take The Control Out Of Letting Go

“In our willingness to step into the unknown, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe” – Deepak Chopra

What is it about letting go that makes it so hard to do?

In his book, the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra teaches The Law of Detachment.

The law states that, ‘…in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it’.

In other words, you give up the attachment to the result.

So why do we find it so hard to let go?

Well, if we look at ATTACHMENT (which is the opposite of letting go) and we feel into that we can often feel the fear or anxiety that comes with it.

Sometimes the attachment to the outcome comes with a feeling of doubt that it will happen, or frustration that it is taking so long.

We live with a conditioning that stems from lack consciousness and not wealth consciousness (and by wealth consciousness I mean in the sense that we can have everything we want).

We’re taught that we have to ‘make things happen’ and ‘we need to be aware of all the things that can go wrong and then put a contingency plan in place’ (you know, Plan B).

We are not taught that surrender is the way to allow the universe to take care of us and bring us everything we want.

We are not taught that the universe has our back and that everything we have ever asked for, and more, is making its way to us and that we just have to get out of the way for it to come to us.


It’s all about vibration. The vibration of detachment really has no resistance in it, and we need zero resistance for our manifestations to become reality.

When we create an expectation of when something should be here or how it needs to show up we introduce resistance.

When we allow limiting beliefs to get in the way we introduce resistance.

When we keep saying the thing we want isn’t here yet, we introduce resistance.

The universe is responding to our vibration. It brings us what we think about – whether we want it or not. So, if we’re saying to ourselves that we don’t have what we want, that’s what we get.

If we say that a certain number of clients a month is not possible for us, we’ll see the evidence of that.

If we try to work to a very clear plan of how things ‘should’ happen we actually LIMIT ourselves by allowing what our brain can conceive to become the resistance (because it can only deduce what’s possible by our past experiences or what IT believes is possible).

When we are open to possibilities more miracles happen in our lives (and eventually we stop calling them miracles because we EXPECT to get what we want with very little effort).


This is where it gets tricky. When we are invested in getting something that means a lot to us, it really is hard to let go and let God, so to speak, isn’t it?

When we move past the false premise that we need to control everything and that the universe has our back we will be able to let go more easily.

Again, this is just an old habit that’s been playing out in society for eons, and we don’t have to buy into it.

I know that most of us get the concept that when we ask for something it is given.

The more we accept that the need to control is a false premise, the more you’ll be able to allow the universe to bring you what you want.

Let’s re-frame the concept of ‘Letting Go’.

What if we just want to let go of our thoughts (our resistance)? Could it be that simple?

How do we do that?

Well, we distract ourselves from the outcome by focusing on things that make us feel good.

So, we don’t have to try to force ourselves to believe the outcome is possible. We just have to STOP thinking the thoughts that are holding us back from getting what we want.

How do we do THAT?

Try these 3 effortless ways to take the control out of letting go.


Create some clear intentions that you can turn into mantras. Write them out and decorate them, then pin them up where you can see them and be reminded of your intentions.

“Today I intend to practice letting go and allowing the universe to show me how things are working out for me.”

“I intend to give up the need to work out the HOW.”

“I intend to spend as much time as I can appreciating what I do have and knowing that by doing this what I want will come to me.”

Create your OWN intentions that match what you want to get out of the letting go or surrender process. An intention that you don’t really believe or understand won’t have any power.



What would life look like if we allowed the universe to surprise and delight us with it’s unlimited possibilities? What if every time you experienced something amazing you asked, ‘How does it get better than this?’ and then wait for the universe to show you?

Be mindful of how much there is around you to appreciate. Look at things with the wonder of a young child.

Spend time marveling at how perfect nature is; how incredible it is to be alive and to have this level of awareness.

As you go about your day, slow down what you’re doing so that you can really be present in every moment that you remember to, because when you do this you are letting go of the thoughts and the worry about the outcome you want –and when you let go of the thoughts and worry, you allow what you’ve asked for to make its way to you quicker.



This is a quick and easy way to connect into the field of unlimited possibilities (you’re actually surrendering every time you spend time here).

Take a couple of slow, calm breaths.

Bring your awareness to your feet and feel them on the ground.

Feel yourself sinking into your seat and feel the energy in your body drop down, down, down so that your breath is slow and steady now.

In front of you is a door.

Behind the door is the field of unlimited possibilities.

The door opens and you step through.

You are surrounded by what look like sparks of light; particles of energy.

They are everywhere; swirling around you. They have a vibration of pure joy and appreciation.

They feel as if they are all meant for you.

You may see them start to form into things you’ve asked for, or they may stay as light.

You can effortlessly reach out to any of them and grab them.

As soon as you grab them, they are YOURS.

Feel the feeling of joy surrounding you.

Feel the feeling of appreciation that the field of unlimited possibilities has for being able to give you everything you want.

Spend as much time in this place as you like.

When you are ready, return to the room.

Come back to this place whenever you like. You don’t have to go through the door, you can just intend to be taken straight there.

Do you struggle with the concept of letting go? Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about how to let go or how to create a life and business that lights you up.


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