​Reboot Your Email List and Get People Engaged & Ready to Buy

with Karen Geddis​​​​

FREE ​​​3 Day Event
​14-16 April 2020

​This event takes place on Facebook and via email.

​Join business owners from around the world who are wanting to reconnect to the clients, customers and prospects on their email lists during these uncertain times.

Times have changed and will never be the same. The way we do business has changed. The way we communicate has changed.

​Let's reboot your email list together with Karen's eyes on your business and who you are, and let's get you established as 'the one' for your clients, customers and prospects so that ​can continue to generate income while giving massive value.


​We're going to STEP by STEP create your simple plan to get your email list interested in your services and primed to buy.

You'll come away from this event having ​sent out your first re-engagement or opt-in email to your clients, customers and prospects, and you'll know what comes next in your email marketing strategy.


​Use our free email templates to add your own spin and language to reboot and re-engage your list.

​Eliminate time and energy-wasting wondering what to write.


​Share in the Facebook group so that ​you can get personalised help to tweak your current opt-in to fit with the times, or suggest what you can offer that piques the interest of your clients, customers and prospects – and gets them wanting more of you.

Get help on what to say that will connect deeply with your ​email recipients.

​This FREE 3 Day Event ​is for you if

  • ​You have a list of customers who you'd like to start emailing;
  • ​You have an email list and you've never emailed them before;
  • ​You have an email list and you can't remember the last time you emailed them;

Let's reboot your email list together!

Who is Karen Geddis?

Before Karen became a personal mentor helping people who are in their heads too much create a life worth living, drama-free, she was an Email Marketing consultant to 6 and 7 figure Spiritual, Transformational and Life coaches.

She has written hundreds of emails to nurture and re-engage lists (some tens of thousands strong), launch and sales emails for webinars, high ticket business coaching programs, online courses and 5 day challenges.

Her launch and sales email copy for her own 5 day challenges generated 5 figures for each challenge.

Karen is the founder of the Work (energetically) SmarterTM framework for living and working, and she works 1:1 with driven people who highly value personal growth to take control, move past fear and consistently action their inspired business ideas, while creating a life worth living, drama-free.

She is a dedicated mother of 3 teenage daughters, and wife to her devoted number one fan of a husband. She is deeply passionate about teenage mental health, an advocate for neuro-diverse people to find their voice, as well as an author and speaker.

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