Why Confidence Boosting May Not Be Working For You …and How To Have FOREVER Confidence

The ONE thing I hear most often from the women and men who work with me is that they want to build their confidence.

This is everyone from the CEO of 3 companies, to the coach who wants more clients without having to do marketing the way everyone says she should, to the entrepreneur who wants to be seen as an expert in their field, to the mum who wants to just BE HAPPY while parenting her children in a way that works for HER.

The CEO wants to LEAD and inspire his team without doubting his capabilities;

The coach wants to bring in more clients without feeling like an imposter;

The entrepreneur wants to feel self-assured about her expert status;

The mum wants to KNOW that the way she feels she can be an awesome parent is right – despite what everyone else thinks.

Why is it that almost everyone, even CEOs and highly visible individuals, all share this struggle?

I mean, even statistics have shown that 95% of children and adults experience lack of confidence, self-belief or low self-esteem sometime in their life.

Why IS this?

I believe it’s because it’s being viewed from a limited perspective – a skewed perspective that doesn’t include Who We Truly Are as limitless energy beings.

As a limitless energy being we have all the self-assuredness in the world – in the universe, in fact!

It’s only our Ego that believes anything else.

Let’s take a look at why we even seek confidence to begin with.

Here are 3 things that keep us from feeling confident:


During our lifetime we’ve grown up being told what’s the right way to be and what’s not okay.

We’ve been encouraged to behave a certain way in order to please others, keep the peace, fit into what society, our teachers and other role models expect of us instead of accepting that there is NOTHING wrong with us and that our way is the right way for us.


It’s really time that we did away with this concept because even when we look at the diversity on this planet and we see that in one country something may be considered abhorrent, yet in another culture it’s a norm.

So, who’s actually right?

When we are constantly trying to fit into what’s ‘right’ we lose confidence when what’s right doesn’t make sense to us.


We’ve again been taken away from this innate superpower that is in every single one of us because intuition has just never been given the credibility it deserves.

Confidence is NOT actually something we need to create, cultivate, boost, build. It’s WITHIN US ALL THE TIME.

Our KNOWING is where our confidence actually lives.

Our KNOWING is Who We Truly Are at the core of our being.

It’s that energy part of us that knows what our intentions are for this lifetime, knows where we’re going and is connected to the universal energies that can orchestrate a clear, efficient, effortless path to our desires and dreams.

When we are connected to that part of us we feel self-assured, invincible, like anything’s possible…and our self-confidence takes a dive only when we disconnect and get back in our head.


I recently did a quick Google search on Confidence because it’s one of the biggest struggles that authentic people who want to claim their leadership status talk about.

Here’s what came up:

  •  Cultivate Self-Confidence by following our 3 Step Action Plan.
  •  10 Ways to Instantly Build Self-Confidence.
  •  25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence.
  •  5 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Sounds like a lot of hard work to me!

What’s ‘wrong’ with this picture? Well, yet again we’re being encouraged to go OUTSIDE of ourselves to find our elusive confidence.

I’m all about simple, easy, practical ways to get to the outcomes what we want with MINIMAL effort.

And, as the poster girl for self-doubt, who only 3 years ago was a total recluse on Facebook because she lacked the confidence to get herself and her amazing life’s work out there; and who is now someone who speaks her truth easily, authentically and effortlessly (and confidently!), I’ve discovered that there really is only ONE thing that is the absolute KEY to forever confidence.

This one thing takes minimal effort and will set you up for life.


Bring you awareness into your feet and just feel your body softening.

Keep your attention on your feet and where they meet the ground, and notice the energy gently drifting away from your head space and into your body.

Down, down, down.

Notice how much more present you feel.

Now, I am going to help you connect to your KNOWING.

You will have had many, many times in your life when you can say, ‘I just KNEW’ – you just KNEW that you had to avoid something or take a certain action.

Tune into that feeling of KNOWING now.

Feel that connection to this place of no emotion; this place where we feel that everything is okay, where all is well, where everything is as it should be, where things are working out in perfect order.

Notice how you don’t feel doubt or fear.

Sit in this place for a while and enjoy the feeling of self-assuredness that lives in this place.

Breathe slowly and steadily without effort. Just BE HERE NOW.

This is your confidence.

Come back to this place as often as you remember, or whenever you are feeling self-doubt, and sure up this vibrational set-point.

The more you practice this, the more you will be used to the feeling of knowing who you are.

And the more you practice this, the more your brain becomes used to this ‘new’ you and you begin to use your self-doubt or lack of confidence as a powerful indicator that you have become disconnected from Who You Truly Are.

If you’re looking for a little more to go on when looking to access your self-confidence, read my blog post

Increase Your Self-Confidence And Decrease Your People Pleasing From Within Your Comfort Zone

Let me know in the comments what you think. Do you feel more confident in some areas and not in others? Have you noticed that when you’re ‘in your zone’ you don’t lack confidence?


If you want to stay connected to your forever confidence while you navigate life and business, and you are ready to go ALL IN and dig deep into what’s holding you back, then I invite you to book a 30 minute chat with me.

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