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Do you know how to tell if it's REALLY your Intuition you're hearing?

(and not your EGO!)

In 4 Simple, Actionable Steps, Find Out What To Look Out For When Tapping Into Your Intuition;
Learn To Tell The Difference Between Intuition And Ego;
Start Using Intuition To Create More Time, Energy, Money & Freedom TODAY!

Karen Geddis - Transformational Mentor & Alignment Strategist

I help people who've had enough of doing things the way 'they' say it should be done use their intuition and the power of universal energy to work (energetically) smarter, not harder so that they can live in alignment with their deepest desires.

Karen instantly got where I was 'stuck', by tapping into her own intuition she was able to help guide me in breaking through limiting beliefs I had of myself, and in-turn help me move forward in my life and business with confidence.

– Sammy J Pearson, Wellness Coach

Karen was able to really "see" what was going on for me and offer insights that I hadn't even thought of. I would not hesitate to work with Karen again, and I recommend her coaching methods to any woman who wants to hone their own intuition and develop confidence in making sound decisions in their business and their life.

– Leanne Simpson

Join other like-minded individuals exploring communing with their higher guidance and working (energetically) smarter over in my Facebook Group.

I felt so much ease and trust come from Karen. I knew nothing would be judged and that she would be easy to talk to!
I now feel great knowing who I am as a coach and what I bring to the world. I know that I have a unique flavour and that my ideal clients are ready for it!

– Megan Williams, Food Therapist,


Let's look at where you're at in your life, and work out the best way I can support you in order to take control of how your life is unfolding (so that it's filled with more confidence, clarity and ease...and less pushing and 'should'ing).

As a mentor and coach [Karen] has a remarkable ability to sense energy and articulate thoughts and create an action plan based on the roadblock or situation you present to her. She has a powerful connection to higher consciousness and is able to lead you to discover yours.

Additionally, Karen is an incredible active and deep listener and space holder.

Every time I speak with her I come out of our talks energized and with clarity in my intentions and purpose. She really has the skill and ability to "understand you" wherever you might be in the story of your life.

– Radhika Sud,