Karen Geddis intuitive coach helping women harness intuition break through limiting beliefs get everything they want in life

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Karen Geddis Intuitive Mentor Self love Intuition

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    Who is Karen Geddis?

    Karen works with people who are ready to up-level their life and manifest everything they dream of by using their thoughts, emotions and intuition.

    Karen helps you ditch your self-doubt, say 'bye bye' to overwhelm and procrastination, and start LIVING the life you should be living - that's that life that feels easy and almost magical; that life that has meaning, and where you KNOW who you are as the powerfully effortless and aligned creator you were born to be.

    She is passionate about the new paradigm of doing life and business, so she created the ‘work energetically smarter’ framework for people who want a freedom-based work/lifestyle that never feels like ‘work’.

    Karen Geddis intuitive mentor self-love intuition

    She’s also mum to 3 daughters, and an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and trained energy healer.

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    Karen instantly got where I was 'stuck', by tapping into her own intuition she was able to help guide me in breaking through limiting beliefs I had of myself, and in-turn help me move forward in my life and business with confidence.

    – Sammy J Pearson, Wellness Coach

    Karen was able to really "see" what was going on for me and offer insights that I hadn't even thought of. I would not hesitate to work with Karen again, and I recommend her coaching methods to any woman who wants to hone their own intuition and develop confidence in making sound decisions in their business and their life.

    – Leanne Simpson