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Listen to Chapter Excerpts of Keeping It Drama Free, Read ​by The Author

The debut book from Karen Geddis — Depression and C-PTSD survivor, writer, speaker, and mum. Keeping It Drama Free explores how we can take back control and create a life worth living by accessing the Actual Truth our inner knowing holds.

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​Keeping It Drama-Free is part memoir, part self-exploratory journey, and part practical guide. The intention behind the writing of this book is to bring important truths about Who You Are to the fore, ​to give you a solid foundational understanding that will serve you greatly in your quest to create​ a life worth living​ –– without making things matter so much.

Written for those who live and breathe personal growth & development, and who have grown up with more questions than answers, this book will do one of t​wo things:

​​It will either challenge your current paradigm and invite you to revisit your entire existence, or

it will serve as a reminder of deep truths you have known for sometime (​more than likely as a child).

​​​Either way, it will ​begin to set you free. Drama-free.

Karen Geddis author of Keeping It Drama Free

​"By discovering the Actual Truth of Who You Are and taking back control of your innate personal power, my wish for you is that you begin to create a life worth living, no matter what adversities you are facing." – Karen Geddis 

​Chapter Excerpts

Chapter by chapter, read by Karen.

PART I — Explore Important Truths About Who You Are

Chapter One – What if you are not, and never were, a victim? LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Two – Mirror, Mirror LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Three – Judge not, lest ye be judged LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Four – The missing Love Language that is Truth Telling LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Five – Faulty wiring, or precision design? ​LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Six – It's all about ME LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Seven – ​The invalidation that is seeking validation ​LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

PART II — Leverage Intention to Create A Drama-Free Life

Chapter Eight – The power of instantaneous intention LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Nine – Are we there yet? Are we there yet? LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Ten – Getting shit done without lifting a finger LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Eleven – Boundaries are not there for protection LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Twelve – Kicking gratitude practice to the curb LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Thirteen – Settling for nothing LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Fourteen – Making meaningful coincidences matter  ​LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

PART III — Permanently Remove False Beliefs Keeping You From Living Drama-Free

Chapter Fifteen – Your knowing knows  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Sixteen – The Actual Truth will set you free  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Seventeen – Check your shovel at the door  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Eighteen – ​Yeah, but...  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Nineteen – Who's fooling whom?  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Twenty – Who wrote that rule?  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Twenty-One – ​Keeping it drama-free  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Keeping It Drama-Free is out ​in 2021. 

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