​​Read the first two chapters of Keeping It Drama Free.

The debut book from Karen Geddis — Depression and C-PTSD survivor, writer, speaker, and mum. Keeping It Drama Free ​explores how we can take back control and create a life worth living by accessing the Actual Truth our inner knowing holds.

"Part memoir and part self-exploration guide, Keeping It Drama Free is guaranteed to shift perspectives and challenge your thinking, as well as give you practical ways to move out of the limiting belief programming ​that runs the human ​psyche and back into your true nature – that of God experiencing itself through you. By discovering the Actual Truth of Who You Are and taking back control of your innate personal power, my wish for you is that you begin to create a life worth living, no matter what adversities you are facing.

I hope you'll ​get as much from reading it as I did from writing it!" – Karen Geddis

​Explore Important Truths About Who You Are

Are we victims or creators? Is the world really reflecting what's going on inside of us, or are we just surrounded by a-holes? Do we have the power to be, do and have whatever our hearts desire? Do we have control over our lives, or is the Big Guy up there having a laugh at our expense?
​Karen shares how, through her own awakening after post traumatic clinical depression,  ​she came to know herself in ways she'd never imagined.

Leverag​e Intention to Create A Drama Free Life

Explore how everything in our world, including us, is energy and how we can use this to our advantage to harness our own magic and deliberately create the experience of more joy and less drama in our day to day lives, no matter what adversities we are facing.

Karen shows how to shift relationship dynamics, get the universe to reduce your To Do list, and even set boundaries – all without lifting a finger.

​Permanently Remove False ​Beliefs

Discover how the Actual Truth Method ​works to alter your consciousness from the limited 'human' perspective to  the limitless 'superhuman' perspective your Inner Knowing holds.

​Karen walks you through how to recognise your 'human' consciousness and the false premises it believes to be true, and then shows you practical ways to remove the drama from your life for good. 

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