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​In the meantime, please enjoy having a listen to excerpts read by the author.

​Chapter Excerpts

Chapter by chapter, read by Karen Geddis.

PART I — Explore Important Truths About Who You Are

Chapter One – What if you are not, and never were, a victim? LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Two – Mirror, Mirror LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Three – Judge not, lest ye be judged LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Four – The missing Love Language that is Truth Telling LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Five – Faulty wiring, or precision design? ​LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Six – It's all about ME LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Seven – ​The invalidation that is seeking validation ​LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

PART II — Leverage Intention to Create A Drama-Free Life

Chapter Eight – The power of instantaneous intention LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Nine – Are we there yet? Are we there yet? LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Ten – Getting sh*t done without lifting a finger LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Eleven – Boundaries are not ​solid walls LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Twelve – ​Moving beyond gratitude practice LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Thirteen – Settling for nothing LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

Chapter Fourteen – Making meaningful coincidences matter  ​LISTEN TO THE EXCERPT

PART III — Permanently Remove False Beliefs Keeping You From Living Drama-Free

Chapter Fifteen – Your knowing knows  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Sixteen – The Actual Truth will set you free  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Seventeen – Check your shovel at the door  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Eighteen – ​Yeah, but...  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Nineteen – Who's fooling whom?  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Twenty – Who wrote that rule?  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

Chapter Twenty-One – ​Keeping it drama-free  TO FOLLOW SHORTLY

"Part memoir and part self-exploration guide, Keeping It Drama Free is guaranteed to shift perspectives and challenge your thinking, as well as give you practical ways to move out of the limiting belief programming that runs the human psyche and back into your true nature – that of God experiencing itself through you. By discovering the Actual Truth of Who You Are and taking back control of your innate personal power, my wish for you is that you begin to create a life worth living, no matter what adversities you are facing.

"​I hope you'll ​get as much from reading it as I did from writing it!" – Karen Geddis

​© Karen Geddis 2021. ​