How We Can Let Go of Some of Our Everyday Thoughts Without Having To Leave Our Comfort Zone

Mindset work is not actually deep work, did you know?

Your issue can be deep, but contrary to popular belief the work to release it isn’t deep at all…and it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable when you’re releasing and letting it go.

How is that possible?

Well, when you know what to look for, you are able to identify tell-tale clues of what your issue is about and then start to incrementally shift things in an easy and comfortable way.

You’ll never have to leave your comfort zone again!


So let’s talk about how you can clean up your sh*t by knowing what to look for.

We have to start by acknowledging that we have this thing I call our KNOWING.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: it’s a deep knowing that we have that’s actually guiding us through our life.

It’s deeper than mainstream intuition. It’s not some kind of psychic ability that only special people are born with. It’s actually nothing that you have to work very hard at cultivating…because it is YOU.

It’s actually the truth of who you are when you are not in the physical body. And it never leaves you – ESPECIALLY when you come into the body.

It’s with you all the time, guiding you, supporting you, holding the torch for what you chose to experience in this lifetime.

So, let’s first do a quick exercise so that you can experience your knowing.


Let’s feel into these two concepts: Something that feels right and something that feels wrong. Or something that feels like a Yes and something that feels like a No.

Focus on the feeling of something that feels right – do you notice how it feels soft, rounded…right?

Focus on the feeling of something that feels off – do you notice the energy drop? How does this ‘off’ feeling feel to you?

You will have your own way that your knowing shows up for you.

Your knowing always shows itself as a perception of resonance or dissonance. It can be experienced as an image, sound, phrase, sentence, song, knowing, or bodily sensation.

Uncover how your intuition speaks to you HERE.


So contrary to popular belief and research, your comfort zone is that thing that you are supposed to LEAVE when you are working on your fears and mindset issues, right?

Well, what if you didn’t have to?

What if your comfort zone were something completely different and we just haven’t been taught to look at it in this way.

What if your comfort zone is WHERE YOUR KNOWING LIVES?

Let me explain:

So your knowing knows everything, right?

Your knowing knows the TRUTH of everything.

You knowing knows what is right and wrong. In fact your knowing doesn’t believe in right or wrong, or good and bad, for that matter.

You knowing knows that a thing only has meaning because you or society or your mother or your biggest role model or your influencers painted a story and attached it to that thing.


It’s never been easier to clear your blocks, release your limiting beliefs, shift your mindset than the energies we’re living in right now.

We no longer need to go digging stuff up or working through our issues in order to release it.

We can IN THE MOMENT pause and step back.

We don’t need to analyse why we are feeling like this, or try to find the incident or past life that caused this.

We just need to acknowledge, again IN THE MOMENT, that we are not connected to our knowing, because our knowing knows what’s true for us, and if what we were thinking in that moment were true, we wouldn’t be feeling uncomfortable.

The discomfort is telling us that we are telling a story that is incongruent, or out of alignment, with what’s true for us.

And all that’s required is for us to connect to our knowing and feel for whether there’s anything we need to look at.

We do this with a feeling of CURIOSITY. We say to ourselves: Hmmm, something’s out of alignment here. What’s the story?

If the story shows itself, we can choose in that moment to let it go.

I like to say, “I’m no longer available for this story. I let it go.”

You could, if the discomfort is very strong, use something like FasterEFT to release the energy of the discomfort.

When we step back from needing to get to the bottom of something and we trust in the moment that our request to be shown the solution to this issue or trigger, then we allow ourselves to move back into alignment.

We don’t have to clean it up there and then.

All we need to do is LET IT GO in the moment.

Our issues are multi-faceted and multi-layered. We never blow something out of the water to clear it. The breakthrough generally comes at the time when the issue is perfectly primed to be let go.

Often we have been chipping away at an issue for sometime before the breakthrough – because mindset work itself is NOT DEEP WORK.

It’s in-the-moment, letting go of the discomfort and KNOWING that the issue is being released.


In a nutshell: the stories we attach to the in-the-moment discomfort (or emotion).

If we didn’t sit in the emotion and allow matching thoughts and memories to come up and attach a story to them, then it would clear much easier, and you won’t have to work so hard at it.

Connecting straight to your knowing diffuses.

This is NOT bypassing anything. This is deliberate, conscious commanding of the NOW MOMENT to let go and move on.

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