The Epidemic of Low Self-Worth and What’s Perpetuating It

What is it about this ‘self worth’ thing that we all seem to constantly come up against whenever we

1. Start a business
2. Move to a new level in our business
3. Make a big decision in our life
4. Take on a new lover?

Why do we suddenly feel like we’re not good enough, not worthy enough, not deserving enough?

I don’t know about you, but I’m DONE WITH STRUGGLE and I refuse to entertain the idea any longer.

I had became so sick of hearing the same stories come at me from my Ego; over and over and OVER again that I KNEW I had to find the reason WE ALL have this.

I decided I was UNAVAILABLE for old patterns to rear their heads whenever I wanted to step further into my greatness so that I can get on with creating the life and business of my dreams – that’s connected to my Heart’s Desire … my deepest, deepest yearning to live out my intentions for this lifetime (call it ‘purpose’, if you will).

I asked, is it possible to unpack this false premise and let it go once and for all? Can we boost our self worth and self esteem WITHOUT having to clear blocks and go and dig up the past to find out where it came from?

I believe it’s totally possible!


The biggest reason I believe we are all struggling with low self-worth is this:

We keep talking about strengths and weaknesses, and how these matter to how we become successful in life and business.

Now let’s step back and have a think about it in another way.

What if this concept of strengths and weaknesses is a FALSE PREMISE?

What if everything only has meaning because WE or society, or our parents or our role models have attached a meaning to it?

What if there is no right or wrong?

What if we are living in a world where ANYTHING GOES right now? What if we could create a world where anything goes?

What if our supposed weaknesses were actually part of our OUR UNIQUE make up?


1. We JUDGE OURSELVES for our weaknesses.

We continuously tell ourselves how bad we are at certain things, and how we aren’t good enough to do things because of this.

2. We DOUBT that we have what it takes because we don’t have the strengths we’re ‘supposed’ to have.

We believe that there is such a thing as weaknesses and therefore we feel insecure whenever we want to take on something that requires us to show up and we decide we don’t have what we need to make it happen.

And, more often than not, we can’t see anyone else who’s doing it another way, so we believe that the way we want to do things must be wrong and we need to work on our weaknesses to change them to fit with what everyone else is doing.

3. We MEASURE OURSELVES against everyone else.

We see others having success and we say, ‘Oh well, I’m not good at planning, so I’ll never be able to make this work.’

Or, we believe we are disorganised and so we’ll never be able to put together a program that gives our clients what they will pay for (and get value from).

Or, we struggle with being consistent so there’s no way a marketing strategy will work for us – because we just can’t stick to anything.

We tell ourselves that we can’t have the life and business of our dreams – that’s connected to our Heart’s Desire … our deepest, deepest yearning to live out our intentions for this lifetime (call it ‘purpose’, if you will) because WE’RE NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Isn’t that interesting?

Because we ARE not like everyone else.

I am me. You are you.

I have my unique way of doing things and you have your unique way of doing things.

And self-worth becomes a non-issue when we LINE UP WITH WHO WE ARE AND OWN IT.




Because, let me ask you this…

WHO HAS THE RULEBOOK? Who actually has the final say on what will and won’t work?

Do you want to believe OTHERS? And push to try make things work?

Or do you want to connect deeply to Who You Are and let it speak to you about your worth?


You are the powerful creator of your reality, and YOU have the ability to command how your life and business unfolds by doing the ENERGETIC WORK.

By that I mean, paying attention to the stories you tell about yourself.

What stories do you have about your perceived weaknesses?

Do you tell yourself you don’t have enough skills?

Do you say that other people are doing a way better job than you?

Are you disorganised?

Are you too introverted?

If you’re telling those stories, you are plugged into the Ego (the old paradigm) and you will find it very hard to take enough action to get your people to resonate with you (if you’re growing a business), your children to listen to you, your partner to support you, your business to feel like it’s easy and fun.

ESPECIALLY if you are wired to lead in the new paradigm (because you chose to be alive in the new energies so that you can contribute to the changes on the planet at present) and you want to create a way of building a business that means you’re tuned into your knowing, tuned into your clients, and being totally TRUE TO YOURSELF.

The new paradigm is all about allowing your knowing to lead you. It’s no longer about pushing and ‘shoulding’ to make things happen.

It’s about doing the inner work to keep yourself in a space of ALLOWING the inspiration for your next steps to come to you.


You can decide in the NOW moment to choose another belief that you’d rather live by, or you can spend a little focused time with your false belief and allow your knowing to show you insights about it that dissolve it.

So here’s the inner work you need to line up with:

What are the gifts that your so called weaknesses bring to the world?

What’s another way to look at being disorganised, introverted, too loud, too quiet, too sensitive (fill in your perceived weakness here)?


Take out a piece of paper. Write down your perceived weakness in the middle.

Get into a space of ‘no-mind’ – in other words, get out of your head and let your knowing speak to you.

Ask with intention what the gifts are in this perceived weakness.

Write down whatever comes to you.

Sit for long enough so that you get everything out. Sometimes it takes a while to warm up to the information that’s flowing through (remember this is NOT coming from your brain).

You want to have NEUTRAL information coming through. Be detached. Let it flow.

The most important part of this exercise is BELIEVING in what comes through. After all, you’ve been believing someone else for so long and that just hasn’t been working out for you, right?

So, make a decision in this NOW moment to believe in your worth and in your power to have control over how your life and business plays out by lining up WITH EVERY PART OF YOU and looking at yourself with the eyes of, ‘There is nothing wrong with you.’

In every now moment we have a choice as to what we want to believe in.

Choose to believe in YOU…because your knowing does.


If you want to end your struggle once and for all, and you are ready to go ALL IN and dig deep into what’s holding you back and get rid of it and get on with creating a magical life and a business that feels effortless and in alignment with YOU, then I invite you to apply to work with me.

On the 30 minute call I’ll listen to what’s going on for you and talk to you about ways in which I can help you. There are customisable options to suit where you’re at emotionally, spiritually and financially.


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