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Let Your Life / Business Lead you Package
Finish off 2017 knowing what your next steps for your life and / or business are, and hit the ground running in 2018 by ordering your 'Let Your Life / Business Lead You' package.

If you’re looking to take yourself from feeling like you’re stuck and unsure of what you’re meant to be doing to move forward, and you want more certainty - and even confirmation - that you’re actually on the right path, I invite you to book yourself a ‘Let Your Life or Business Lead You’ Package.

​This is an exclusive and highly individual package that combines guidance through channeled information, action steps to follow through my intuitive mentoring and deep healing so that you can get out of your way and take your massive inspired action right away (or, add it to your planner so that you can ​start 2018 with a bang!).

Here's what you get:

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Channeled Report from the energy of your life/business with answers to your burning questions about whether you're on the right path, what you're struggling with (and insights into what's really going on), validation on where you're meant to be going, and what's standing in your way.

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45 min 1:1 Clarity & Strategy Session with mentoring and guidance from Karen, together with actionable strategy to move you into your best life and/ or  your purposeful business.

Healing and Clearing using a powerful vibrational healing modality that gets to the core fears or beliefs, inner child patterns, soul trauma and other issues that may be underneath what's keeping your stuck or stalled or afraid of taking action.


save $100 when you purchase by 30 November (usually $397)

I found [the channeled report] spoke to me - I felt the report indicated things which were top of my mind and some of it made me tear up as it really felt written specifically for me.” - CD

I loved [the channeled report] and I loved the practical suggestions about what to do to myself to move myself on. I did the journaling exercise and it was a big help.

For me [my biggest aha] was the 'permission' and reassurance that baby steps is ok. I had been looking at the big picture and freaking myself out but baby steps, for me, is much more doable and less scary. I also had some a-ha's around my people pleasing and how I needed to go through this journey on a soul level.” - Tash

It was great! [The channeled report] was insightful and got me thinking about things that had been passing thoughts for me but I had been to fearful or overwhelmed to really explore before. The idea of really staying true to one target market and getting clear in my message was confirmed for me!

I feel great knowing who I am as a coach and what I bring to the world. I know that I have a unique flavor and that my ideal clients are ready for it. I had a wonderful release in the chakra healing session, with a big space opening up for truth and growth to come into my body and life and business.
” - Megan


save $100 when you purchase by 30 November (usually $397)