Are you ready to know yourself as the powerful creator that you are? To leverage your intuition, thoughts & emotions to manifest more energy, time and money?

Is it really possible to have a life of freedom and joy? To have the business of your dreams – that business that never feels like 'work'; where you're making an impact – with all the time, energy, money and freedom to do whatever lights you up?

Yes, yes it is.
Enjoying a life and business in this way is about using your intuition, thoughts and emotions to create shifts that will forever change how you're doing things, so that you have the foundation to start getting the results you want (and may not have been seeing so far).
This is about putting YOU first. It's about doing simple processes of inner work to raise your vibration in order to have a constant connection to your intuition/higher guidance/inner knowing.
It's about being able to access this guidance to let your life and business lead you toward your big vision, and not get lost trying 'this way' and 'that method' or by buying another course or program.

It's about tuning in first and THEN taking whatever action you need to in order to move forward.

The Work (energetically) Smarter 12 Week Group Mastermind gives you all that, and is your opportunity to access my unique, transformative mentoring and intuitive guidance, my straight forward, highly actionable and results-focused materials, and the support and love of a group of women and men who are also committed to stepping into the fullness of who they are (i.e. super-intuitive) and leveraging this to create massive change in their own lives, their family's lives and the world.

We kick off on Monday ​26th ​February (Sunday ​25th in the US)


Book a 15 minute call with me to see if the mastermind is right for you.

What we're covering:

Daily Rituals + Working With Powerful Intentions, Affirmations & Mantras
Mastering Your Intuition and Getting Your Ego/Fear/Monkey Mind to Take A Back Seat
Clearing Fears relating to Self Worth and Tapping Into Your True Authenticity
Cultivating Better Feeling Thoughts to Raise Your Vibration
Managing Overwhelm and Procrastination to Create More Life-Work-Family Balance
Developing the Skills to Determine Your Next Steps and Get Clear Direction
Tools To Use When You're Out and About and Need To Access Your Intuition Pronto!
Opening To Allowing + Receiving To Call Everything You Want To You

Maria Wallace's experience in the mastermind:

I was struggling with connecting with my source, or at least, identifying what my source felt like. It was apparent very quickly within our working together, and things grew positively from there! I was struggling with moving forward on securing a role where I felt valued and valuable too.

I am now free of the heavy cloud which was hanging around because I was 'pushing too hard' and not connecting to my source and listening to my intuition. Once I learnt how to tune in to my intuition and master how to do this without thought or effort, I became more mindful, more peaceful and quite frankly, free.

Karen is present in every moment you are with her.

Karen is honest at all times and means only the very best for you in all situations. She is an encouraging facilitator.

Karen is not only honest with you but honest with herself. She allows her true self to be seen by you so you can see who she really is, where she is coming from and often uses her experiences as example to her teaching. This may help you if you want to see you are not alone and she has definitely been where you are or have been too.

This high-vibe group experience is definitely for you if any of these resonate:

  • You know you have intuition – because you've ignored it that many times! – and you'd love a consistent connection because the times it HAS worked for you have seen amazing things happen...and as for that ego/monkey mind/fear, you just can't get how it's possible to hear your intuition amongst all that noise.
  • Sometimes you hear your intuitive messages CLEARLY and other times it's nowhere to be found – you want to have that information on tap to get clear guidance about your direction in your life and business.
  • You feel deep inside that there is more to life and business than feeling like you 'should' be doing it this way or that way but getting no results. And you're often feeling that there's a missing piece as to why the results aren't showing, so you want to carve your OWN way in your business by accessing guidance that knows your unlimited potential and that is ALWAYS RIGHT.
  • You rank authenticity really highly - you won't buy from anyone who isn't authentic and you worry others think that about you because you're helping/coaching/selling to people when you feel don't have your own sh*t together.
  • You wish you could give off more confidence and believe in yourself more. If only you could stop worrying what other people think about you. If only you knew how to handle your self-doubt once and for all.
  • You struggle with feelings of not-good-enoughness, and you question your abilities and skills. You’re just not sure if you have what it takes – I mean, there are way more qualified and talented people out there doing what you do, so how will you ever get ahead of (or even IN) the game?
  • There are times when you can’t seem to make the right decisions in your life and business – there are so many things to choose from, and there never seems to be a clear cut direction to guide you. You end up going round in circles and second-guessing yourself.
  • You struggle to work out what your next steps should be – and you end up stuck in either overwhelm or procrastination and you just don't have clarity you feel you need to move forward.

This is definitely NOT for you if:

  • You aren't ready to step into your highest version of yourself and manifest incredible things in your life and business – all while being unapologetically YOU
  • You don't value coaching and mentoring as one of the highest investments in yourself and your business
  • You're not driven to do the inner-work to create permanent transformation in your life


Book a 15 minute call with me to see if the mastermind is right for you.

Kathryn Harper shares her experience of the mastermind:

I have become less and less busy in my head and life - and so much more productive for it!

I had struggled for many years with my sense of self-worth and love, and because of this I filled my time up with tasks that didn't necessarily move me forward. I used to tell myself that I needed to feel busy to be worthy of receiving.

There were many shifts in my life throughout the mastermind, but the biggest came when Karen helped me to transform this deep-seated belief of mine. Since then I have found it much easier to apply the techniques that I have known for a long time will help me to move forward in life - and they are working!! I'm now especially enjoying the ability to relax 🙂

Karen has an amazing way of seeing and bringing out the special and unique qualities of people. I felt absolutely safe and free to express myself in whatever way was necessary so that I could move beyond my previous limitations.

Karen's intuitive connection is incredible, and brings a huge amount of clarity with it - so often she picks up on the truth behind the words that are being spoken, and hits on exactly what is needed.


+ 10 LIVE Webinar-style Training Modules with Karen Geddis. Each of the trainings takes you through ACTIONABLE tips, tools, techniques and strategies you can implement into your life and business instantly. [Value: $1500]

+ Bonus Workbooks & PDF's to go along with the training modules. [Value $997]

+ Weekly Group Coaching and Intuitive Guidance Calls where you will be able to dig deeper into clearing blocks and fears, along with help in applying the training to scenarios specific to your own business, plus invaluable Intuitive Guidance from Karen to help clarify and validate your direction and your own intuition. [Value $2500]

+ Clearing Your Blocks & Activating Your Magnificence through the powerful vibrational healing modality I've used with my private clients to dissolve soul trauma and inner child patterns, release core fears and beliefs, seed new patterns, open their energy field up to abundance, and so much more. [Value $1997]

+ Access to Karen inside a Secret Facebook Group during office hours, where you will be part of an engaged community. Lifelong friendships and accountability relationships have been formed in these groups. [Absolutely Priceless!]

+ Lifetime access to the materials.

+ Lasting relationships with other high-vibing, supportive women and men who are all on the same page as you.


with two weeks of implementation amongst them to master your new working (energetically) smarter lifestyle.


It Starts With Daily Practice
Connect with the Big Picture Vision for your life & business.
Craft your own Daily Ritual.
Start setting powerful Intentions using Affirmations and Mantras.


Getting Connected
Master the way your Intuition speaks to you.
Call in your True Self (your Divine Identity).
Connect to your Higher Guidance and opening yourself up to communion with it.


Changing Thoughts Changes Beliefs
How your thoughts & emotions are powerfully connected.
The Vibrational Scale and where you fit on it.
Powerful exercises to change thoughts and shift beliefs.


Getting Ahead Of The Game
A deeper dive into using Intention to create outcomes you desire.
Learn how to energetically shift outcomes of events before they've happened.


Telling A New Story
Understand the power stories bring to your manifesting ability.
Uncover what kind of storyteller you are.
Unearth the powerful stories you hold within you to manifest the life & business of your dreams.


Allowing & Receiving
Get clear on the differences between Allowing and Receiving.
Practice Karen's signature Know, Allow, Receive formula.
Exercises and energy healing to clear blocks to receiving.


Mirror, Mirror
How everyone and everything is our mirror - and what to look out for.
Dig deep into what's being reflected by others.
Use mirror work to cultivate self-love (and it's not by talking to yourself in the mirror!).


Overcoming Overwhelm
Understand Overwhelm from an energetic perspective.
Use your Intuition and Universal Energy to dissolve overwhelm.
Clear your To Do list while taking minimal action.


Intuitive Procrastinating
What if procrastination were  form of intuition?
Understand when it's fear stopping you from taking action, and when it's 'divine timing'.
Processes to get you taking action immediately when procrastinating.


Quick On-The-Go Fixes
Navigate bumps and dips vibrationally while in the moment.
Strategies to keep your vibration high in order for your communion with your higher guidance to become second-nature.


The Group Mentoring is your opportunity to dive as deep as you want to into whatever you might be looking to break through or uncover or get clarity on – from creating action plans to defining your next steps and giving you validation / confirmation on what's going on for you in your life and business.

This is your opportunity to experience my coaching and my Intuitive Guidance (and sometimes a bit of channeling if someone out there has something they want you to hear that will heal, give clarity, shift or solidify anything).

Energy Healing is provided for individual scenarios (and the WHOLE group benefits through learning how to use Optimal EFT and helping the individual shift their blocks and fears).

While in a group setting, my attention to you is individual and undivided. This is where the true value lies in this mastermind.



$​1297 if paid in FULL 

(Action-Taker Bonuses Disappear 3pm ​Sydney on Wednesday 14th ​February)

$​227 x 6 fortnightly payments

(Action-Taker Bonuses Disappear ​Sydney on Wednesday 14th ​February)

​Payment plans over 3 months and 6 months are also available. 
Contact to arrange.
Debbie Riddell's experience of the mastermind:

Before the Mastermind I was looking for ways of dealing with overwhelm, and wanting to be able to learn how to use my intuition more regularly and easily.

Now I'm feeling more at peace than I was before. I'm not stressing about my to do list and using the techniques we learned to keep myself calm. I've also learned how to tune into my intuition more.

The techniques we learned aren't the traditional way of doing things, but I've found that by applying what I've learned I'm feeling more positive and calm. It's a different way of doing things and I'm getting different results from before.

Karen made learning these new ways of doing things simple and practical and I was able to implement the techniques easily into my life.


Book a 15 minute call with me to see if the mastermind is right for you.

Got Questions?

> How do I know this program is right for me?

Let me ask you this: What is your intuition telling you? If you take a few deep breaths right now and ask the question, 'Is this program right for me?' Feel for a 'yes' or a 'no'. 

If you don't feel you have a clear answer, then, let me ask: have you been getting a sense of uneasiness, a feeling that there is more to the way you're currently doing business? Have you been wondering when you were going to get a handle on that self-doubt and lack of confidence? Have you had enough of wondering why you're not getting results?

Do you feel stuck in overwhelm and procrastination; that your life or business is not moving forward? If so, then this mastermind may be right for you.

Book a 15 minute no-obligation chat with me below and let's find out together.

> How much of my TIME is this going to take up?

Well, each weekly training on a Monday lasts between 30 and 40 minutes, then you may have an action you are required to take, so allow 1 hour a week. The processes and tools I share with you become woven into your your days, so there's no extra work you have to do – so you'll basically be replacing something you're already doing with another more effective way of doing it. In fact, when you work (energetically) smarter you CREATE time.

The group calls on a Thursday last between an hour and 90 minutes - if you can't make it live you can send in a question and I'll address it for you to watch in the recording. If you have limited time when you're on the call live, just let me know and we can slot you in up front so you can get your time with me and then move onto your other things. I would still allow the 60-90 mins to watch the replay so that you benefit from all the coaching.

> I don't have the money right now

It can feel scary investing in yourself.

Let me take you through a quick visualisation: Breathe nice and deeply and then connect with what it will feel like to be living the life of your dreams, or to have a business that doesn't feel like work because you're doing what you love and you are making the impact on the world you always felt called to make.

Feel how it feels, picture where you are and who's around you. How does it feel to know who you are at the core of your being? What does that self-assuredness feel like to you? Do you feel invincible, magnificent, powerful?

Spend a couple of minutes in this space.  You might feel what it feels like to be clear, to be making the right decisions, to be clear on your life and business direction, to be connected to your intuition, to be your authentic self.

What price would you pay for that reality?

If you knew that in ​12 weeks you will have changed the way you see yourself for good; that you won't be living the life you are now and that you could be well on your way to living everything you felt and saw in the short visualisation you've just done, would you jump in?

Book a 15 minute no-obligation chat with me below and let's explore what's going on for you.

If you have a question that I haven't addressed, please Contact Me – it may be a question that other beautiful women would like the answer to as well that I can add here x


Book a 15 minute call with me to see if the mastermind is right for you.

Vanessa's experience of the mastermind:

The Mastermind expanded my understanding of myself and gave me the direction, drive, understanding and need for authenticity.

I felt the biggest growth was stepping into my magnificent self with a wonderful sense of self worth and approval. This reaffirmed my need to serve others for their greater good and to bring God's love and service into their lives.

I also found value in doing less and being more. The restful times have become an important time of rejuvenation and creativity which help propel me into action, instead of just doing all the time to a point of exhaustion.

It was absolutely worth the time and money invested. I would do it again in a heart beat. Karen's insightful advice and intuitiveness is a gift that is enlightening and one that she so readily shares.

The Mastermind is a supportive, creative and positive place to be and it was always something I really looked forward to.

In a loving way Karen gently leads you to a place of self awareness so that you can continue to grow and realise the potential and meaning in your life. The strategies she presents are helpful and numerous and you can intuitively pick the one that works best for you.

Who is Karen?

There is only one way to do life and business – YOUR way. Karen can help you do that.

As an intuitive mindset and transformation mentor, she helps you know who you are at the core of your being so that you can overcome blocks and limiting beliefs and deal with your self-doubt and fears to create the business and life that’s in alignment with who you are – and so that you can manifest more time, energy, money and freedom.

Karen works with you to hone your higher guidance/intuition/inner ​wisdom, which she believes is the key to more confidence, clarity, ease & flow in life and business.

She’s also mum to 3 daughters – one of whom she is now home educating because she's created the space for it by implementing her Work (energetically) Smarter framework.
She is an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in Public Relations and Marketing - specialising in email and content marketing. She is also a writer, speaker and trained energy healer.

Karen uses her signature ‘Work energetically Smarter, Not Harder’ framework to help people create a freedom-based work/lifestyle that never feels like ‘work’, and offers 12 week mastermind programs for people who are ready to step into the fullness of who they are as intuitive beings here to make a massive impact on the world.

She also works with you 1:1 for 90 or 180 days to create and facilitate powerful, lifelong change.


Book a 15 minute call with me to see if the mastermind is right for you.

J​ulie's experience:

I was tired of all the personal growth work, I could see how far I had come but was still exhausted and questioning everything and thought there must be a better way.

I was struggling with the perceived pressures of living a certain way and didn't want to do it anymore, but didn't know what else to do.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is releasing some old thought patterns and listening more to my intuition. I can get out of a slump better and go with the flow so much better, its freeing.

Is the mastermind worth joining? Yes! It’s brilliant. This is a course that helps to change the way you approach your life that not only addresses your thinking, but does something positive but indescribable at a cellular level.

You can't go back to old thinking even though the old thoughts try to seduce you back.

Karen combines ongoing personal growth with an intuitive spirituality to get to the core of the way you want to truly live. She goes deep and if you are ready for that, try a session at least.

​Leanne's experience:

"As soon as I met Karen and heard her speak at a networking event I knew somehow it would work out that I’d be included in the mastermind.

Karen ended up coming to meet with me for a one on one session at my home . I made the decision there and then that Karen had a beautiful gift that would help me understand myself better.

I struggled with overwhelm self doubt self confidence and procrastination.

I now have a deeper knowing that staying connected to my intuition and trusting the soft peaceful way it speaks to me that I am on the right path.

I now have the tools to identify fear/ego and when it’s my intuition/love speaking.

I’m more able to get a handle on the monkey mind.

The mastermind is a well structured well presented easy to understand toolkit that helps you get connected to your intuition listen and allow yourself to be guided by it. I highly recommend you go for it if you feel it’s right for you!!

Karen is truly connected to her intuition. She comes from a true place of love. Karen is a wonderful teacher mentor and guide. I have learnt so much in a very short time."


Book a 15 minute call with me to see if the mastermind is right for you.