How Negative Self-Talk Keeps Your Clients Away

Our school holidays just started two days earlier because we had the back-end of a tropical cyclone blow through our part of Australia, which meant the schools had to be closed.

My children were so excited!

Do you remember, as a kid, wishing that you’d wake up one morning and hear that school is closed? I do, though it never happened for us in South Africa – there was no chance of snow or tropical cyclones or earthquakes.

Do you have a similar wish as an adult – to wake up and find a whole lot of emails in your inbox from clients asking to work with you?

Just recently, a client of mine was pretty much asking that question: where are all the clients???

‘People aren’t taking me up on my offers. What should I be doing to get more people to work with me?’, she asked.

So, everything is energy, right? And no amount of action taking, and no amount of putting your marketing strategies in place, is going to compensate for the energetic alignment that you need to reach for within you FIRST – before you can call these beautiful clients in to work with you.

If your energy is wobbly when you’re putting out your offers, you are going to get wobbly results, basically.

When I am working with clients, I use a combination of proven mindset work and intuitive guidance (that comes from both the client’s guides and my own ‘team’).

The question that came through for me to ask my client was, ‘Why would YOU not want these people to work with you?’

Interesting…they continued:

  • ‘Are you afraid of the overwhelm you’ll experience if a whole bunch of people signed up to work with you?
  • ‘Are you scared of burning out again?
  • ‘Are you nervous that you can’t deliver on your promises; that you can’t commit in the way you’d like to?
  • ‘Do you fear you won’t be able to get them results?’

Wow. This meant we had to go deep and look into what the client could possibly be doing to KEEP THE POTENTIAL CLIENTS AWAY.

She told me she was tired and overwhelmed and not sure she would have the energy to be able to service the numbers of clients she wanted to call in to match the income she desired.

‘The reason you are tired is because you are spending energy berating yourself for not being able to call in clients. You are perpetuating your feelings of overwhelm with the stories that you tell yourself about YOU,’ the guidance continued.

The client asked, ‘How can I change the way I talk to myself?’

Here’s a simple exercise to get you started:


Get your journal out and write: ‘THINGS I’M DOING RIGHT’

Now make a list of all the things you do RIGHT. Don’t just focus on business. Note down EVERYWHERE in your life that you are achieving outcomes that you set out to achieve.

  • You get the kids to school on time every day.
  • You remember to meditate when you have a shower every morning.
  • You tell your children you love them. You are always there for your children.
  • You never miss making dinner for your pet.
  • You email your newsletter list regularly.
  • You show up for your clients with everything you’ve got.
  • You are continually upskilling so that you can give your clients even more.

Keep going until you run out of things.

Get into the FEELING of how accomplished you are. Practice this feeling every time you tell yourself a story about how you’re NOT achieving what you set out to achieve.

Remember that everything is energy, so if you’re putting the information out there that nothing is working, and no-one wants to buy your stuff, and you’re not good at this – whatever your story is – the universe will bring you more of that.

Everything that is happening in your life and business is as a result of what you’re thinking and feeling. Everything.



You need to be showing up CONSISTENTLY. And you need to be GIVING as much as you can give.

  • Share who you are.
  • Give away as much information as you can.
  • Show people how you work.

People need to come across you 7 times on average before they consider buying from you.

If you feel like you’re repeating yourself too much, then you’re getting your offer out there the right amount of times.

Don’t worry that you’re annoying people – you know what it’s like on Facebook, for example: if you aren’t interested, you just scroll on by.

Know that there are people out there WAITING for you. Be yourself. Share yourself.

You’ve got this!


Karen x

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