I felt so much ease and trust come from Karen. I knew nothing would be judged and that she would be easy to talk to!

[The channeled report] was great! It was insightful and got me thinking about things that had been passing thoughts for me but I had been to fearful or overwhelmed to really explore before. The idea of really staying true to one target market and getting clear in my message was confirmed for me!

I feel great knowing who i am as a coach and what I bring to the world. I know that I have a unique flavor and that my ideal clients are ready for it.
I had a wonderful release in the chakra healing session, with a big space opening up for truth and growth to come in to my body and life and business.

Megan Williams

Food Therapist


I was struggling with indecision and confusion around what direction to take my career and business, along with fears and blocks around whether changing my biz was realistic.

I loved [the channeled report] and I loved the practical suggestions about what to do to myself to move myself on. I did the journalling exercise and it was a big help.

For me [the biggest change] was the 'permission' and reassurance that baby steps is ok. I had been looking at the big picture and freaking myself out but baby steps, for me, is much more doable and less scary. I also had some a-ha's around my people pleasing and how I needed to go through this journey on a soul level.

Karen is so incredibly reassuring and gentle with her approach and her intuition is a beautiful gift to observe and receive.

I felt I was on the right track but had a few gaps. I was hoping we'd have a couple of intuitive 'aha' moments [in the 90 min Strategy Intensive] and we certainly did. Karen helped me to find the confirmation I needed and a couple of realisations too.
The biggest change I've noticed is a confidence that there's no doubt now about my path. I know I'm doing; what I'm here for. And Karen gave me peace of mind re some of my outsourcing questions.
Karen is able to tune into your concerns and the heart of your business. She listens intently to you and then listens intently to the messages that come in.

Anne Noonan

Yoga & Wellness Coach

Maree Marketing Specialist

I saw working with Karen as an opportunity to see how guiding my intuition could help me both personally and professionally ... the biggest issue for me [at the time] was a lack of belief in myself personally.  The outcome of the [ 90 minute 'Meet Powerful You'] session was a tool that makes me go through simple steps on how I can demonstrate self belief, backed with facts/proof. Can't argue with facts!
Karen has a way of making you feel like you have known each other for years and you feel comfortable sharing anything with her.

There are very few people you meet in life for the first time and feel as though you have met them before, they just get you, and you feel super at ease in their presence. Karen is definitely one of these rare beauties.
Karen instantly got where I was 'stuck', by tapping into her own intuition she was able to help guide me in breaking through limiting beliefs I had of myself, and in-turn help me move forward in my life and business with confidence.
Karen is an extraordinary mentor, who combines both the feminine and masculine energies to deliver a coaching experience that is divinely soulful and practical all in one.
If you want to succeed not only in your business but also in your life, I highly recommend Karen's work.

Sammy J Pearson
Radhika Sud

When I first heard Karen speak, I was just drawn to connect with her more deeply. Her energy is immensely positive. She is one those persons that you really want in your life as a friend and a mentor! Karen is an authentic, intelligent and kind-hearted soul who genuinely connects with you from her heart space. As an intuitive mentor she guides you to discover and lead from your heart space and to get out of overwhelm and to move ahead positively.
As a mentor and coach she has a remarkable ability to sense energy and articulate thoughts and create an action plan based on the roadblock or situation you present to her. She has a powerful connection to higher consciousness and is able to lead you to discover yours.
Additionally, Karen is an incredible active and deep listener and space holder. She reads in between the spaces.
Every time I speak to her, I come out of our talks energized and with clarity in my intentions and purpose. She really has the skill and ability to "understand you" wherever you might be in the story of your life.
Her ability to empower you to get in touch with your intuition is remarkable and powerful.
I highly recommend her offerings to any woman who is seeking to discover her heart space, and one who is stuck in her life or business - and would like to be led to the discovery of their inner guidance to get unstuck and move ahead.

I felt Karen was really in touch with her spiritual evolution on this earth and could only benefit from her strong intuitive processing.
I had found many years ago that my core belief was " I am totally and completely incompetent!!! What a handle to carry! I know it came from childhood with older siblings who excelled.
[After the 90 min 'Meet Powerful You' session] I am able to overcome fears of tackling another new step making life so much easier I tend to undermine myself constantly. Now I don't get so panicky!
Karen is extremely intuitive, and while working with her she is being sent messages constantly about you and you talk about issues you were not expecting to so they are cleared.

CD Sydney, Australia

I found [the channeled report] spoke to me - I felt the report indicated things which were top of my mind and some of it made me tear up as it really felt written specifically for me.

Karen helped me become more aware of my thoughts (as they become things) and I gained the realisation that "life coaching" has always been of interest and something I should pursue further.

Karen is a lovely person who was helpful to gain clarity.