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The 5 Biggest Reasons You’re Staying Stuck In Your Life & Business

Feeling stuck feels pretty horrible. It causes us to ask ourselves what we’re doing wrong. It causes us to question whether we’ve made the right decision to start our business. It causes us to wonder if we have what it takes to build a business that contributes in a big way to our family’s income, with the time and energy to spend with them, and the freedom to do what lights us up.

Know that you are NOT ALONE in feeling stuck. It’s one of those things that comes up periodically, and I believe it’s one of those things that we will ALWAYS experience as our business grows and evolves.

So, that means it’s really good to understand what causes us to feel stuck and how to overcome it.


We all know what being ‘stuck’ is, right?

It’s not taking action when we should be.

It’s procrastinating about things we know need to be done in order to move us forward.

It’s standing still because we’re feeling overwhelmed by all the steps we’re supposed to be following to create momentum.

It’s convincing ourselves that there are certain things we need to have in place BEFORE we can take any action.

It’s telling ourselves that we don’t have the skills, experience or even the confidence to get our services out into the world.

It’s holding back because everyone else is already offering what you are planning to, or the market is saturated by other coaches, practitioners or entrepreneurs who are doing what you feel called to do.

So, what are the 5 biggest reasons you’re staying stuck…and how do you get yourself ‘un-stuck’?


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

Your WHY is pretty much your reason for getting start out in business in the first place. It is essentially your purpose.

Your WHY is what motivates you to keep going, so when you’re feeling stuck in your business connecting back to your WHY can shift energy in a powerful way and motivate you to take action.

My WHY is two-fold: I want to be the example to my three daughters of someone who creates massive wealth from doing what she loves without the pushing and grinding and overworking.

I want them to be free from the limiting beliefs that have held so many women back because they have been trying to work from a logic-heavy approach, rather than an intuitive ‘ease and grace’ approach.

The second part of my WHY is because I want EVERYONE to know Who They Truly Are at the core of their being and to stand in their power to have all the confidence, clarity, ease and flow they desire in their life and business.

I want everyone to be living and working from their Higher Guidance, not from their logic.

I want everyone to have a business that contributes in a big way to their family’s income, with the time to spend with them and the freedom to do what lights them up.


Do this super-quick meditation and make notes in your journal afterward:

Seated with your back straight, take a couple of slow, deep breaths and relax into the seat you’re sitting in.

Think, feel, sense or imagine yourself back on the day you decided you were going to start your business, or embark on this venture, or choose this path.

Connect with the moment that inspired idea grabbed you.

  • What happened in that moment?
  • What was it that made you realise this is what you were meant to be doing?
  • What was so important to you at the time that made you decide you wanted to create something impactful?

Spend time in the FEELING of that moment. Stay here as long as you need to in order to shift your energy.

Write down anything that came to you while you were in the feeling of that moment. Note any aha’s or inspirations, or even how you felt when you had re-connected with your WHY.

There is no right or wrong. Get down everything that comes to you.

Now, go and take action!



‘Your outside world is a reflection of your inside world. What goes on on the inside shows on the outside.’ – Bob Proctor

There is no way to get around this:  the stories we tell ourselves are what cause our business and life to be either great, or not so great.

If you are telling a story that you are not good enough so why would anyone work with you, then why would they?

Our stories have a matching vibration, or frequency, that we are emanating every time we activate this limiting belief. Why would anyone come to you if you are emitting a signal that you’re not worth working with?

Our stories have come from decisions we made about ourselves at some stage in our life when something happened to make us feel not good enough or not worthy enough.

It often comes as a result of an altercation or experience we had with an older, more influencial person.

Yes, it’s even possible that it could be a past life issue, but I don’t believe in going and digging up the source of our beliefs.

It really is about acknowledging that at this moment we are feeling like this/ telling this story/ vibrating in this place…and that we can SHIFT this feeling, story, vibration easily with the right tools.

The most common limiting beliefs out there are:

  • Everyone out there is already doing what I’m doing.
  • I don’t have enough skills, experience, expertise.
  • The market is saturated – everyone is a coach, so the world doesn’t need another one.
  • I don’t have things in place yet for me to take action.
  • I don’t have my shit together, so how will anyone think I’m authentic?


This can be done in your head (or by talking to yourself, if you’re alone), but to get a really strong focused intent, writing is the most effective way to do this ‘talking yourself round’ exercise, which I have adapted from Esther Hicks’ book, ‘The Astonishing Power of Emotions’.

Start by stating how you feel about whatever it is you’ve got going on – it doesn’t matter what happened, because you really want to identify how you feel.

For example: I just can’t make this business thing work for me

Now, STOP and set your intention to think better feeling thoughts about this.

Write (or think/say) anything that comes into your mind, trying to find something that feels a little better.

There’s no right or wrong – this is about whatever feels better to YOU.

I don’t have what it takes [feels the same]

Maybe I’m just not cut out for this [feels the same]

I have had people enquire about my offers recently [feels better]

I have some really great testimonials from people who have worked with me [better]

I remember how I felt when those testimonials came in and I read the praise people had for me [better]

I have had proof that if I keep focused on what’s going right, things can change pretty quickly for me [better]

The last time I let go of the outcome I signed up new clients [better]

I can let go [better]

I can totally let go and see what happens [better]

I’m remembering the last time someone signed up to work with me when I wasn’t even trying [better]

I had a feeling of excitement; a feeling of ‘I’ve got this!’. It was amazing! [better]

I know exactly what to do now! 

You only need to spend a few minutes on this to get into a place where you are and energised and inspired to take action.



‘I believe in inspiration and intuition…at times I feel certain I’m right without knowing the reason’ – Albert Einstein

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have a story to tell about that ONE TIME (usually many times!) that they had a nudge to follow their intuition and they ignored it – only to find out that it was RIGHT.

If it’s always right, doesn’t it just make sense that we could use it to get unstuck?

Intuition is our biggest ally when it comes to making the right decisions, getting clear on our direction and finding out what our next steps should be.

The biggest stumbling block when it comes to intuition is not being able to tell which voice is our inner voice and which one is our ego (or our monkey mind or our fear).

As soon as you have that down, you’re on your way to getting unstuck and moving forward in your life and business with more clarity, confidence, ease and flow.


  • Get into Nature

Nature is one of the best ways I’ve found to connect with the information our intuition is feeding us. Taking a walk in a forest or on a nature trail is a great way to immerse ourselves in it. There are bird sounds, there are tree sounds (like leaves blowing in the wind or bark creaking), and sometimes there are creek sounds to take our focus off our thoughts and allow our intuition to speak to us.

What I notice is that while I’m enjoying these sights and sounds, I’ll have a flash of an idea that indicates the action I need to take. Sometimes, if I find a place to sit, I’ll ask the question, ‘Is this decision going to take me in the right direction?’ or, ‘Should I do x?’, so I can listen for a Yes or No.

Try it.

  • Practice Appreciating Every Chance You Get

Appreciation is like a higher form of Gratitude. It takes Gratitude to the next level, I believe. To focus on the beauty of something and how it makes us feel takes us to a feeling place that is similar to that pure feeling of love.

The key to leveraging the power of appreciation is to really get into the feeling of it; how those things that we appreciate make us feel.

From that place we can notice any nudges that our intuition sends us, or again, ask our questions.

  • Be Open To Hearing What It Has To Say

Every time we decide, or intend, to do something, we set powerful manifesting energy in motion. So, in order to connect more to our intuition, we can decide to be open to hearing it more. And the more we notice it, the more it seems to show up.

+ Identify How Your Intuition Speaks to You
+ Learn to Tell The Difference Between Ego/ Monkey-Mind/Fear VS Intuition
+ Start Trusting Your Intuition Today




You know how you feel when you hang out with a negative friend and you come away feeling like your energy has been zapped?

Negative self-talk is one of the biggest energy drains there is. We are often not even aware of how much time we spend putting ourselves down or telling ourselves we’re not good enough, or that we aren’t working hard enough.

Think about it: if a negative person can drain you, why wouldn’t it be the same for your own negativity towards you?


Get your journal out and write: THINGS I’M DOING RIGHT

Now make a list of all the things you do RIGHT. Don’t just focus on business. Note down EVERYWHERE in your life that you are achieving outcomes that you set out to achieve.

  • You get the kids to school on time every day.
  • You remember to meditate when you have a shower every morning.
  • You tell your children you love them. You are always there for your children.
  • You never miss making dinner for your pet.
  • You show up for your clients with everything you’ve got.
  • You are continually upskilling so that you can give your clients even more.

Keep going until you run out of things.

Get into the FEELING of how accomplished you are. Practice this feeling every time you tell yourself a story about how you’re NOT achieving what you set out to achieve.



We’ve all heard the saying, ‘It’s never the right time to get started.’ And it is very true! We could spend a great deal of time not taking action because we haven’t got the right software, or the right knowledge or the right equipment.

One of my mentors used the term, ‘imperfect action’ and told me that any action is better than none.

Consistently taking action, no matter how small or imperfect, is the way we grow our business. It’s the way we move toward manifesting the way we want our lives to unfold.


This exercise can be used to get you moving forward without feeling uncomfortable.

Get out your journal and think of one task you feel you ‘should’ be taking but are waiting to get everything in place first before you take action.


Ask yourself,

  • What is my biggest fear about fulfilling this task?
  • If my biggest fear came true, then what would be the worst thing that could happen?
  • If that happened, what would be the very worst thing that could possibly happen?

On a new page, write: WHAT IT MIGHT LOOK LIKE

Ask yourself,

  • What if nothing I feared happened?
  • What would it look like if the opposite of my biggest fear happened?
  • What could happen if I took action and I had the best possible outcome?
  • What would that best possible outcome look and feel like?


Getting unstuck is pretty doable, when we look at it from these perspectives, is it? I encourage you to give one, or all, of these a try and let me know how you go. You can comment below this post, or send me an email to I personally reply to every single email.

My 5 Day Mini-Course, ‘Get More Intuitive; Get Unstuck’ starts on 22nd May and is packed with ways to connect to your intuition, to get clear for good about which voice is your Ego / Monkey Mind / Fear and which is your Intuition, and how to make the right decisions every time by harnessing your higher guidance (that all-knowing part of you that’s directly connected to that life and business that lights you up).

The mini-course is LIVE on Facebook and via email, so you get to ask me questions and I get to really help you hone this innate trait that we all have access to.



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