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3 Common Things That ​I've Found That Ke​pt ​Me Feeling Frustrated, Directionless and Unfulfilled...and Far Away From A Business & Life That Li​t Me Up.

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So you ​want to be doing something meaningful while making an impact, right? You want​ to be 'doing what you love' because that's where 'they' said all our abundance, fulfillment and purpose lies, agreed?

You had visions of working from anywhere while transforming lives; of waking up in the morning and bouncing out of bed because you're living your purpose and everything just flows!

You saw yourself spending time with your family while your business ran itself and money hit your bank account while you slept.

Or if you don't have a business, you still share the dream of doing whatever you want, when you want; of living the life you know deep down you should be living​... that life where you're getting less of what you don't want and getting more of what makes you feel alive and vital and in love with ​how things are unfolding for you.

Now, I know personally know people who live that reality, so it's not 'pie-in-the-sky', that's for sure.

I'm certainly on my way to that vision myself, but I didn't have the flow that I have now. I couldn't get past feeling stuck and stalled a lot of the time.

So what​'s the missing piece?

You've bought the courses, you've hired the coaches, you've enrolled in it's not that you don't have the information or the knowledge.

How is it that you just can't get yourself moving forward? Why can't you get yourself out there?

I bet you have an idea, because I know that you ARE self-aware and highly intuitive - otherwise you wouldn't have found me.

Read on and see which of these 3 common things may be the reason you're staying stuck and stalled. They were definitely a big part of my journey.


Your WHY is pretty much your reason for getting start out in business in the first place. It is essentially your purpose....

Your WHY is what motivates you to keep going, so when you’re feeling stuck in your business connecting back to your WHY can shift energy in a powerful way and motivate you to take action.


Do this super-quick meditation and makes notes in your journal or a notebook afterward:

Seated with your back straight, take a couple of slow, deep breaths and relax into the seat you’re sitting in.

Think, feel, sense or imagine yourself back on the day you decided you were going to start your business, or embark on this venture, or choose this path.

Connect with the moment that inspired idea grabbed you.

· What happened in that moment?

· What was it that made you realise this is what you were meant to be doing?

· What was so important to you at the time that made you decide you wanted to create something impactful?

Spend time in the FEELING of that moment. Stay here as long as you need to in order to shift your energy.

Write down anything that came to you while you were in the feeling of that moment. Note any aha’s or inspirations, or even how you felt when you had re-connected with your WHY.

There is no right or wrong. Get down everything that comes to you.

Now, go and take action!


We've been told over and over to love ourselves and to recite affirmations about how awesome we are. We've heard it so many times, we probably don't even take notice of it now!

But, it is one of the biggest things we do to keep ourselves stuck. We tell ourselves we're not good enough. We tell ourselves we don't have our sh*t together enough to be advising anyone about anything. We tell ourselves we'll fail.

Who'd be motivated by anyone talking like that to them?


Get your journal out and write down this heading: ‘THINGS I’M DOING RIGHT’

Now make a list of all the things you do RIGHT. Don’t just focus on business. Note down EVERYWHERE in your life that you are achieving outcomes that you set out to achieve.

  • You remember to meditate when you have a shower every morning.
  • You tell your partner and children you love them. You are always there for your them.
  • You show up for your clients with everything you’ve got.
  • You are continually upskilling so that you can give your clients even more.

Keep going until you run out of things.

Get into the FEELING of how accomplished you are. Practice this feeling every time you tell yourself a story about how you’re NOT achieving what you set out to achieve.


There is not one person on this planet, I reckon, who has never experienced procrastination. But what if it were more than just not wanting to do something we don't like? What if there was something deeper going on?

If we don't have the confidence to do something, it's likely we aren't going to take action.

If we believe others won't want to hear what we have to say, it is really hard to get out there and make a video about what we can offer them, for example.

If we believe we could fail, some of us might not even bother trying.


Try this simple excercise:

Take a couple of nice, slow breaths into your belly and feel yourself relax.

Now, bring to mind something on your To Do list you have been putting off.

Feel into what comes up when you imagine yourself taking care of that item right now.

Do you feel like you could do it but you're putting it off because you simply don't like that job?

That's an easy one, because you just need to get yourself motivated to do it and it'll get done.

Do you feel fear or anxiety around getting the task underway? This is an indicator that there's a limiting belief tied to your procrastinating and it's time to dig deeper.

Get out your journal or a notebook and spend time writing about what's coming up for you when you think about having to tackle this. What can you tell yourself that will make you feel better about doing it?

Procrastination is a biggie.  It's the most talked about reason why people stay stuck and stalled.

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