GETTING PAST PROCRASTINATION it Intuition, Fear or Beliefs keeping you stuck?

Karen Geddis intuitive mentor self-love intuition

Karen Geddis is an Intuitive Coach & Mentor who helps people create more self-confidence, clarity, ease & flow and money by Working (energetically) Smarter, not Harder.

Get ready to change the way you look at procrastination...

What You'll Learn :

  1. Discover the truth about why YOU are stuck in procrastination – is it fearor intuition holding you back? And how to tell the difference!
  2. I share the ONE most common belief we have about ourselves that causes procrastination, and I take you through an exercise to bring it up for clearing, and we replace it with ACTUAL TRUTHS about who you really are.
  3. I share my signature 'How Would It Look?' process to get yourself UNSTUCK IMMEDIATELY and taking action.