It Starts With Daily Practice...

We start with crafting an uplifting ritual in the morning (the 5 minute morning uplift) and finish off with a more reflective ritual in the evening (the 6 minute success celebration).

This work is all about leveraging energy to get things done in a shorter time and so my signature ‘5 Minute Morning Uplift’ has been structured in a way that will give you the right amount of time in a higher vibration in order to

  1. Give you the best start to your day, and
  2. Set some powerful manifesting energy into motion to move you toward you dream outcome for you life and business.

The goal of the ‘6 Minute Success Celebration’ is to reflect on how your day went with an attitude of gratitude and celebration.

There may be things you weren’t happy with, with you can acknowledge and then find the things you CAN celebrate.

You can’t change what went ‘wrong’ and there is no point in connecting with those things and lowering your vibration.

We only want to focus on what’s working so that we can bring more of what’s working into our life and business.

We’re also going to talk about weaving high-vibing practices throughout our days…not just at the beginning and the end.