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The 'Work (energetically) Smarter' Intimate Mastermind with Karen Geddis

Watch the video below to see why I've created this x

This intimate group is limited to 7 spaces and starts on Monday, 7th November 2016

This intimate Work (energetically) Smarter mastermind group is for women who:

- Feel there is more to what they are living and/or working at present

- Feel there is a better way to do life and business

- Believe their connection to their intuition is key to their life and business unfolding in the way they want (you may be seeing signs everywhere to bring more intuition into your business)

- Know there is something important they came here to do (you may be looking for confirmation you're on the right track)

- Find that the way they've been living and working is no longer working for them (you may be feeling burnt out, stressed, anxious, depressed)

- Want to live their best life, and are done with self-worth issues and playing small

- Want to KNOW their true power and life and work from that place


This mastermind is designed to allow for a transformational experience among an intimate, safe group. We will all be applying the new way of integrating BEING and DOING into our unique area of focus for the 5 weeks. This journey of intimate coaching, support and strategy is all about YOU.
Here's what's involved when you join:

A 60 minute 1:1 intensive Strategy Session before we kick-off
- let's explore where you are and where you want to go and put a strategy in place we can focus on over the 5 weeks

5 x LIVE 30 minute Weekly Topic Overview Sessions - webinar style so you can ask questions regarding the processes, tools and techniques we're covering

4 x Group Coaching Calls with Karen – one each week – where we dig deep into anything you want clarity on with intuitive coaching and guidance. Submit questions if you can't be there live.

A 45 minute 1:1 Closing Session in week 5 - to solidify your next steps and keep the momentum going

A Private Facebook Group with support from Karen. Each Mastermind gets their own FB group so it stays intimate.

Printable Resources with all the processes, tools and techniques we cover over the 5 weeks.

Getting your connection to your intuition honed (no matter where you are at with it).
The importance of Daily Rituals (create your own customised ritual that wo
rks for YOU).
How to overcome overwhelm by putting the universe to work and harnessing your intuition.
How to plan and strategise from an energetic place (without pushing or 'shoulding').
Things you can do on the run to get you out of your funk and get you in your flow again.


This intimate 5 week journey is all about YOU – that's why we kick off with the 60 min Strategy Intensive to get clear on where YOU are and what YOU want to get out of our 5 weeks together. The weekly overview trainings will give you tools, techniques and processes, but the coaching is where the biggest value comes in.
YOU get to ask whatever questions you like (if you can't make it live you can send me your Qs beforehand). YOU get clarity on anything you want. Anything.

EASY PAYMENT PLAN: $249 deposit + 2 x $249

($249 on signing up, then $249 end of week 2 and $249 end of week 4)

Karen was able to really "see" what was going on for me and offer insights that I hadn't even thought of. I would not hesitate to work with Karen again, and I recommend her coaching methods to any woman who wants to hone their own intuition and develop confidence in making sound decisions in their business and their life.

Leanne S

Karen instantly got where I was 'stuck', by tapping into her own intuition she was able to help guide me in breaking through limiting beliefs I had of myself, and in-turn help me move forward in my life and business with confidence.

Samantha P

Karen is able to tune into your concerns and the heart of your business. She listens intently to you and then listens intently to the messages that come in.

Anne N