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Are you ready to have more confidence, clarity, ease & flow in your life & business? To leverage your intuition, thoughts & emotions for more energy, time and money?

The Work (energetically) Smarter Mastermind starts on Monday February 13th and is your opportunity to access my coaching and transformative intuitive guidance, my unique, straight forward and highly actionable materials, and the support and love of a group of women who are also committed to stepping into the fullness of who they are (i.e. super-intuitive) and leveraging this to create massive change in their own lives, their family's lives and the world.

Is it really possible to have a business that contributes substantially to your family's income, with the time to spend with them, and the freedom to do what lights you up? Yes, yes it is.

Creating a business in this way is about changing the way you use your intuition, thoughts and emotions to create shifts that will forever change how you're doing things, so that you have the foundation to start getting the results you want (and may not have been seeing so far).

This is about putting YOU first. It's about doing simple processes of inner work to raise your vibration in order to have a constant connection to your intuition/higher guidance/inner knowing. It's about being able to access this guidance to let your business lead you toward your big vision, not get lost trying this way and that method and buy another course.

It's about tuning in first and THEN taking whatever action you need to in order to move forward.


Book a 15 minute call with me to see if the mastermind is right for you.

What we're covering:

Daily Rituals + Working With Powerful Intentions, Affirmations & Mantras
Mastering Your Intuition and Getting Your Ego/Fear/Monkey Mind to Take A Back Seat
Clearing Blocks to Being Visible and Tapping Into Your Authenticity in Your Marketing
Cultivating Better Feeling Thoughts to Raise Your Vibration
Managing Overwhelm and Procrastination Energetically and with Intuition
Developing the Skills to Determine Your Next Steps and Get Clear Direction
Tools To Use When You're Out and About and Need To Access Your Intuition Pronto!
Opening To Allowing + Receiving To Call Your Ideal Clients To You

This is definitely for you if any of these resonate for you:

  • You know you have intuition – because you've ignored it that many times! – and you'd love a consistent connection because the times it HAS worked for you have seen amazing things happen...and as for that ego/monkey mind/fear, you just can't get how it's possible to hear your intuition amongst all that noise.
  • Sometimes you hear your intuitive messages CLEARLY and other times it's nowhere to be found – you want to have that information on tap to get clear guidance about your direction in your life and business.
  • You feel deep inside that there is more to this business thing than feeling like you 'should' be doing it this way or that way but getting no results. And you're often feeling that there's a missing piece as to why the results aren't showing, so you want to carve your OWN way in your business by accessing guidance that knows your unlimited potential and that is ALWAYS RIGHT.
  • You rank authenticity really highly - you won't buy from anyone who isn't authentic and you worry others think that about you because you're helping/coaching people when you feel don't have your own sh*t together.
  • You know that being visible is the key to your ideal clients being able to find you, but it scares the heck out of you to put yourself out there.
  • You wish you could give off more confidence and believe in yourself more. If only you could stop worrying what other people think about you. If only you knew how to handle your self-doubt once and for all.
  • You struggle with feelings of not-good-enoughness, and you question your abilities and skills. You’re just not sure if you have what it takes – I mean, there are way more qualified and talented people out there doing what you do, so how will you ever get ahead of (or even IN) the game?
  • There are times when you can’t seem to make the right decisions in your business – there are so many things to choose from, and there never seems to be a clear cut direction to guide you.
  • You struggle to work out what your next steps should be – and you end up stuck in either overwhelm or procrastination and you just don't have clarity you feel you need to move forward.

This is definitely NOT for you if:

  • You aren't ready to step into your calling and make stuff happen in your life and business
  • You don't value coaching and mentoring as one of the highest investments in yourself and your business
  • You're not driven to do the inner-work to create transformation in your life


Book a 15 minute call with me to see if the mastermind is right for you.


When you enroll in the mastermind before Midnight EST on Sunday 29th January (3pm Sydney, Australia on Monday 30th), you'll receive these BONUSES:

+  The complete ‘Harness Your Intuition To Make The Right Decisions’ 5 Day Event Video Recordings, including

+  the 13 page Workbook, and

+  a PDF of all the daily emails so you can go back and repeat the training at anytime.


+ A bonus workshop on ‘Procrastination: Is it Fear or Intuition Keeping You Stuck?’

IN ADDITION TO THIS, if you enroll before Sunday at 11:59pm EST (3pm on Monday in Sydney, Australia), I’d love to gift you my signature “Let Your Business Lead You” coaching and energy healing package, which consists of:

• A PDF report with detailed, channeled information about what your business would like you to know, together with answers to your biggest questions.

• A 45 minute 1:1 intuitive coaching session with me to come up with a clear strategy and action plan that you can start putting in place to get even more out of the 8 week mastermind.

• A 30 minute Chakra Read and Clear session where we'll find the dominant fear that is keeping you stuck and then clear it using Optimal EFT to get you moving forward with confidence and surety.


+ 8 LIVE Webinar-style Training Modules with Karen Geddis. Each of the trainings takes you through ACTIONABLE tips, tools, techniques and strategies you can implement into your life and business instantly.

+ Bonus Workbooks & PDF's to go along with the training modules.

+ Weekly Group Coaching and Intuitive Guidance Calls where you will be able to dig deeper into clearing blocks and fears, along with help in applying the training to scenarios specific to your own business, plus invaluable Intuitive Guidance from Karen to help clarify and validate your direction and your own intuition.

+ Access to Karen inside a Secret Facebook Group where you will be part of an engaged community of coaches, and practitioners and entrepreneurs transitioning into the coaching space who are all in various stages of your journey. Lifelong friendships and accountability relationships have been formed in these groups!

+ Access to a Private Membership Portal where all your training material, bonuses, recordings of trainings and coaching calls can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

+ Lifetime access to the materials.

Over the 8 weeks:

Each of the trainings takes you through ACTIONABLE tips, tools, techniques and strategies you can implement into your life and business instantly, covering

  • Creating your customised 5 minute morning and a 6 minute evening ritual that will shift the energy of your life and business dramatically (and immediately)
  • How to get clear on how to connect with and build relationships with a client base who know, like and trust you (and therefore work with you)
  • How to come up with newsletter topics, and what to post on Facebook/blog about so that your ideal clients know what you help them with
  • Overcoming and making procrastination work for you
  • How to eradicate and replace your biggest limiting beliefs in just 20 minutes
  • How to plan your days to stay on task and energised in with my Signature Work (energetically) Smarter On The Daily Planner System.

The Group Coaching is your opportunity to dive as deep as you want to into whatever you might be looking to break through or uncover or get clarity on – from creating action plans to defining your next steps and giving you validation / confirmation on what's going on for you in your life and business.

This is your opportunity to experience my coaching and my intuitive guidance (and sometimes a bit of channeling if someone out there has something they want you to hear that will heal, give clarity, shift or solidify anything.

While in a group setting, my attention to you is individual and undivided. This is where the true value lies in this mastermind.


Book a 15 minute call with me to see if the mastermind is right for you.

Your investment:

$597 if paid in full

$165 x 4 if paid in installments
(Click here to contact Karen to arrange paying in installments)

What other beautiful women say about working with me:

Jenny Homan

Karen has not only helped me realise that I am worth something, but also that I have all the power and tools I need to make a difference in my life right at my fingertips. It is so hard to envision the value of her services unless you try it for yourself and see the "magic" unfolding through her effortless and simple guidance.

It's so exciting when we have "wow" moments when things just fall into place or work out as we wished it to be orchestrated. My immediate reaction to these moments is always "can you believe it ?" To which Karen simply replies "Yes.... yes I can !"

Working with Karen has been nothing short of enlightening and I look forward to my weekly sessions with her; ever eager to see what unfolds for me in the next chapter.

Leanne Simpson

Karen is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She is a strong and highly intuitive woman, who was able to easily tap into my headspace and see what was going on for me. I found Karen's approach to be very real and down to earth, offering gentle suggestions and techniques which enabled me to work through some of my current challenges (and I have many!).

Karen was able to really "see" what was going on for me and offer insights that I hadn't even thought of. I would not hesitate to work with Karen again, and I recommend her coaching methods to any woman who wants to hone their own intuition and develop confidence in making sound decisions in their business and their life.


Book a 15 minute call with me to see if the mastermind is right for you.

Got Questions?

How do I know this program is right for me?

Let me ask you this: What is your intuition telling you? If you take a few deep breaths right now and ask the question, 'Is this program right for me?' Feel for a 'yes' or a 'no'.  If you don't feel you have a clear answer, then, let me ask: have you been getting a sense of uneasiness, a feeling that there is more to the way you're currently doing business? Have you been wondering when you were going to get a handle on that self-doubt and lack of confidence? Have you had enough of wondering why you're not getting results? Do you feel stuck in overwhelm and procrastination; that your business is not moving forward? If so, then this mastermind may be right for you. Book a 30 minute no-obligation chat with me and let's find out together.

How much of my TIME is this going to take up?

Well, each weekly training on a Monday lasts between 30 and 40 minutes, then you may have an action you are required to take, so allow 1 hour a week. The processes and tools I share with you become woven into your your days, so there's no extra work you have to do – so you'll basically be replacing something you're already doing with another more effective way of doing it. In fact, when you work (energetically) smarter you CREATE time.
The group calls on a Thursday last between an hour and 90 minutes - if you can't make it live you can send in a question and I'll address it for you to watch in the recording. If you have limited time when you're on the call live, just let me know and we can slot you in up front so you can get your time with me and then move onto your other things. I would still allow the 60-90 mins to watch the replay so that you benefit from all the coaching.

I don't have the money right now

It can feel scary investing in yourself. Let me take you through a quick visualisation: Breathe nice and deeply and then connect with what it will feel like to be living your purpose, or to have your business moving forward in the direction you want it to go. Feel how it feels, picture where you are and who's around you. Spend a couple of minutes in this space.  You might feel what it feels like to be clear, to be making the right decisions, to be serving your ideal clients, to be connected to your intuition, to be your authentic self. What price would you pay for that reality? If you knew that in 8 weeks you will have changed the way you see yourself for good; that you won't be living the life you are now and that you could be well on your way to living everything you felt and saw in the short visualisation you've just done, would you jump in? Book a 30 minute no-obligation chat with me and let's explore what's going on for you.

If you have a question that I haven't addressed, please Contact Me – it may be a question that other beautiful women would like the answer to as well that I can add here x

Who is Karen?

Karen Geddis is an intuitive coach and mentor for coaches, and practitioners and entrepreneurs who are transitioning into the coaching space who want a business that gives them the money to contribute to their family, with the time to spend with them and freedom for themselves they know deep down they deserve.

She helps people leverage their intuition, thoughts and emotions to ditch their self-doubt and create more confidence, ease and flow in their life and business.

She’s also mum to 3 daughters – one of whom she is now home educating because she's created the space for it by implementing her Work (energetically) Smarter framework.

She is an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in Public Relations and Marketing - specialising in email and content marketing. She is also a writer, speaker and trained energy healer.

Karen offers 8 week mastermind programs for coaches and entrepreneurs who want to master working energetically smarter, and she also works with you 1:1 for 90 days to create and facilitate powerful, lifelong change and can be found on Facebook, Instagram and at her website