Before you apply for our compatibility conversation, please make sure you take a look at my Private 1:1 Coaching pricing. Scroll down for the information.
Apply ONLY if:
+ You KNOW you’re here to impact the world in some way, and this calls you strongly.
+ You are dedicated to finding out what YOUR way of doing life is and how to implement it.
+ You are willing to do what it takes to transform your life through taking ownership of your responsibility for everything that happens in your life.
+ You are willing to invest in yourself, no matter what, because you understand that by investing in yourself you open up your capacity to receive more of what you want into your life by expanding your field of potential.

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Every 3 months Karen opens the doors to her Immersion, which is a deep dive into Who You Are and how you want to show up in the world and in your business.
We cover everything that’s ready to be opened up for you:
> Deepening into your knowing (intuition),
> Rewiring your mindset, Connecting to your internal resonance / dissonance meter,
> Exploring what your closest relationships are mirroring to you (and how it’s stopping your progression in life and business…because everything is connected)…
…and so much more than you can even imagine because it all comes through in the NOW moment on the coaching calls.
+ 13 Deep Dive Coaching Calls over 2 hours every week (with lifetime access to recordings)
+ A stand-alone 45 min training on The Mirror Concept (because EVERYTHING is our mirror, and the way our life, relationships and business is unfolding is DIRECTLY reflecting what we’ve got going on inside)
+ 2 x 45 min (or 1 x 90 min) strategy sessions with me to dig deeper into your genius and activate your potential so that you can make your impact on the world (in whatever way that looks to you)
YOUR INVESTMENT: $1997 Australian ($347 per month x 6)
Message Karen via Facebook for more information or to join.

PRIVATE MENTORING: 3, 6 or 12 Months of 1:1 Mentoring

Tailored to YOU and your vision for your life, this transformational time spent with Karen will take you deeper into uncovering how to create a life worth living, where you are completely out of your own way and you’ve called BS on all your BS (ie you’ve liberated yourself from human programming –limiting beliefs and stories– and are living as your true nature as God expressing and experiencing itself through the human form).
If you’ve always struggled to fit in, or if you are done with your self-judgement, self-doubt and self-sabotage, then this is what you’ve been looking for.
If no one ‘gets’ you; not even the mentors and coaches you’ve worked with, then this is what you’ve been looking for.
If personal development is your top priority but everything you’ve tried thus far has fallen short, then this is what you’ve been looking for.
You have a deep knowing within you that is at the core of every solution you’ve been looking for all your life. This knowing is deeper than mainstream intuition, and it is the ANTI-DOTE to self-doubt, overwhelm and procrastination. It’s also the holder of the Actual Truth about Who You Are and is calling you home to yourself unendingly so that you can create your life worth living, drama-free.
As someone who is wired to live and work in the new energies that are hitting the planet at the moment (you chose to be here now), you will find that the ‘proven strategies’ and cookie-cutter methods out there are just not giving you the results you should be getting.
There is nothing woo-woo about being wired differently to most, which you ARE if you’ve found yourself in Karen’s world.

Your intuitiveness is NORMAL. Your quirkiness is NORMAL. Your desire for disruption is NORMAL.
What’s not normal is that you hold back from telling it like it is because you fear what people think of you.
What’s not normal is that you make yourself small or quiet in order to be palatable so that people don’t reject or get offended by you.
What’s not normal is that you compromise ANY OF YOU for the opinions and approval of others and therefore squash your self-expression and let your dreams die because you haven’t claimed your power as the sovereign being reigning over your realm (your body, your mind, your life, your values, your desires, your relationships).
If you are not fully being YOU because you feel that you’re not good enough, not deserving enough, not expert enough, not ANYTHING enough, then it’s time for us to work together
If you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and yet you’re still struggling with yourself – you keep repeating the same patterns you were CERTAIN you’d cleared, removed, worked on and it’s Groundhog Day when it comes to your personal growth because no-one has been able to get to the bottom of why you are the way you are – then it is DEFINITELY time for us to work together.
> Owning your power as an intentional manifestor in your life
> Uncovering what you’ve been hiding and permanently shift it from fear to power in order for you to move forward and continue to grow (no more holding yourself back from the magical, fulfilling, rich life you want)
> Awakening your intuition and deepening into your KNOWING so that you can feel for alignment and tap into your best and most inspired ideas for creating a life like nothing you imagined, drama-free
> Working (energetically) Smarter, not harder by leveraging universal energy and your own intuition so that you create more time, space and freedom in your life
> Feeling an Inner Peace you’ve been craving…with little to no self-doubt, procrastination, overwhelm or self-judgement
>Feeling aligned to Who You Are and why you are here, with sense of purpose and confidence like you’ve not known before
+ Freedom from anxiety in 8 weeks, as opposed to the 18 months in therapy before we started working together
+ Manifested a substantial windfall (tens of thousands of dollars)
+ Doubled her monthly income at her day job without working more hours, or having a difficult conversation with her boss (we did the energetic work to line up with her desire)
+ Had difficult team members leave the company of their own accord without having to go through a lengthy performance appraisal process and ‘manage’ them out (we did the energetic work to connect with the company’s vision of having a cohesive, productive and co-operative team)
+ Permanently eliminated a deep jealousy and comparison program that was interfering in her business success (she how makes thousands of dollars instead of hundreds here and there)
+ Stopped a two decade long drinking habit after one conversation with Karen
+ Increased business turnover for the year by 225%
+ Completely turned around her relationship with her teenage daughter (from non-communicative and disinterested in the family to devoted, helpful and happy)
+ Enrolled $12,000 worth of clients within 3 weeks of mentoring with Karen
+ From zero action-taking due to lack of self-belief, despite investing large amounts in business coaching, to building an audience, showing up confidently on video and developing a regular newsletter delivered from a place of authority and ownership of her life’s work
+ Went through a painless and amicable breakup –without the usual fall out– by moving energy which affected both parties to create a beautiful and moving uncoupling.
Private mentoring packages include:
+ 1 x 90 minute strategy and alignment session, then
+ an agreed number of 60 minute sessions a month for 3, 6, or 12 months, with unlimited support during Australian office hours via email/FB messenger)
YOUR INVESTMENT: 1:1 packages start at $3000 Australian

For a detailed schedule of prices contact Karen HERE
VIP packages are available by request. Go deeper than ever and have Karen immersed in your world while you completely transform yourself into the potent leader of consciousness you came here to be.
YOUR INVESTMENT: 1:1 VIP packages start at $7500 Australian
I absolutely MUST have a connection with my clients because it is imperative to me that I am able to mentor them at the highest level to be the most magnificent version of themselves possible, so APPLY TO WORK WITH ME by clicking the button below.


For a detailed schedule of prices, contact Karen HERE