Before you apply for our conversation, please make sure you take a look at my Private 1:1 Coaching pricing. Please scroll down for the information.
Apply ONLY if:
+ You KNOW you’re here to impact the world in some way, and this calls you strongly.
+ You are excited about finding out what YOUR way of doing life is and how to implement it
+ You are willing to do what it takes to transform your OWN life and command your status as a powerful creator of EVERYTHING that happens in your life.
+ You are willing to invest in yourself because you understand that by investing in yourself you open up your capacity to receive more of what you want into your life through the simple law of  ‘what you give you receive back tenfold’.
After your application is submitted,  you will receive details on what the next steps are.







Every 3 months Karen opens the doors to her Immersion, which is a deep dive into Who You Are and how you want to show up in the world and in your business.
We cover everything that’s ready to be opened up for you:
Deepening into your knowing (intuition), Rewiring your mindset, Connecting to your internal resonance / dissonance meter, Exploring what your closest relationships are mirroring to you (and how it’s stopping your progression in life and business…because everything is connected)…
…and so much more than you can even imagine because it all comes through in the NOW moment on the coaching calls.
+ 13 Deep Dive Coaching Calls over 2 hours (there are 2 calls a week and you get to pick one. Plus, you get the replay of the other one, so there’s 4 hours of coaching for you to access every week!)
+ A stand-alone 45 min training on The Mirror Concept (because EVERYTHING is our mirror, and the way our life, relationships and business is unfolding is DIRECTLY reflecting what we’ve got going on inside)
+ 2 x 45 min (or 1 x 90 min) strategy sessions with me to dig deeper into your genius and activate your greatness so that you can make your impact on the world (in whatever way that looks to you)
YOUR INVESTMENT: $1997 ($347 per month x 6)
Message Karen via Facebook for more information or to join.

PRIVATE MENTORING: 6 Months of 1:1 Mentoring

Tailored to YOU and your vision for your life and/or business, this transformational 6 months will take you deeper into uncovering how to create impact, clients and confidence by doing life and business YOUR way.
If you’ve always struggled to fit in, or if you are done with your self-judgement, self-doubt and self-sabotage, then this is what you’ve been looking for.
You have a deep knowing within you that is at the core of every solution you’ve been looking for all your life. This knowing is deeper than mainstream intuition, and it is the ANTI-DOTE to self-doubt, overwhelm and procrastination.
As someone who is wired to live and work in the new energies that are hitting the planet at the moment (you chose to be here now), you will find that the ‘proven strategies’ and cookie-cutter methods out there are just not giving you the results you should be getting.
There is nothing woo-woo about being wired differently to most. It merely means that you came here to help change the world at this most pivotal time on the planet, and I’m absolutely passionate about being able to help you feel at home in your skin and feeling like you can just be YOU while you go about creating a life and business that you LOVE (and that loves you back by rewarding you for doing the inner work).
If you are hiding because you feel that you’re not good enough, not deserving enough, not expert enough, not ANYTHING enough, then it’s time for us to work together.
If you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and yet you’re still struggling with yourself, or you’re unable to get clarity on what’s TRULY in alignment for you and your business (and life and relationships and parenting), then it’s time for us to work together.
> Owning your power as an intentional manifestor in your life
> Uncovering what you’ve been hiding and making peace with it in order for you to move forward and continue to grow (no more holding yourself back from the magical, fulfilling, rich life you want)
> Awakening your intuition and deepening into your KNOWING so that you can feel for alignment and tap into your best and most inspired ideas for creating a life like nothing you imagined
> Working (energetically) Smarter, not harder by leveraging universal energy and your own intuition so that you create more time, space and freedom in your life
> Feeling an Inner Peace you’ve been craving…with little to no self-doubt, procrastination, overwhelm or self-judgement
>Feeling aligned to Who You Are and why you are here, with sense of purpose and confidence like you’ve not known before
YOUR INVESTMENT: 1:1 packages start at $4997 Australian
+ 1 x 90 minute strategy and alignment session, then
+ an agreed number of 60 minute sessions a month for 6 months, with unlimited support during Australian office hours via email/FB messenger)
Upgrade to VIP and add all these goodies to super boost your transformation:
+ Lifetime access to the ‘Becoming Magnificent’ course.
+ an agreed number of sessions a month that go for as long as we need them to for 6 months,
+ Secret FB group with just you and I so that you can post your daily check-ins, thoughts, struggles, ponderings, insights, aha’s and get in depth feedback in between sessions.
+ Unlimited support via email/messenger/FB group during Australian weekday office hours
YOUR INVESTMENT: 1:1 VIP packages start at $7497 Australian
I absolutely MUST have a connection with my clients because it is imperative to me that I am able to help them at the highest level to be the most magnificent version of themselves possible, so please APPLY TO WORK WITH ME by clicking the button below.